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This is the official radio network for Coffee Party USA. Our shows are listed at: Our shows have audience participation from all over the country. All are hosted, researched, and produced by Coffee Party volunteers.

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LUNCH w LOUDEN Jeanene Louden and co-host Debilyn Molineaux talk about current events and look for opportunities to bridge political divides, expose corruption and share information not covered in mainstream media.
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On-Demand Episodes

Have coffee with Tom Atlee, founder, co-director, and research director of the non-profit Co-Intelligence Institute and author of The Tao of Democracy: Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World that Works for All. Please read his blog post... more

Have coffee with Steven Cowan, director of Priceless, a documentary about money in politics and citizens' responses across the country. We'll also discuss why stories are important to politics.

The scheduled talk with Sabina Virgo and the Interim Board didn't work out. Annabel and Bruce Schuman of talk about a variety of philosophical, political and practical challenges of the Coffee Party and the... more

Jackie (Pres of and Michael (Chair of Independent Kentucky, an affiliate of will discuss the independent voters movement: "We are a national strategy, communications, and organizing... more

Debilyn and Walt, Transpartisan Alliance core team members, will discuss their new organization and network, Changing the Game. They hope to "creatively use the inevitable frustration, pain and suffering that is coming with of the... more

What is the mission of Coffee Party U? Coordinators of Coffee Party U will discuss the challenges we face and the strategies we have to engage college students and the youth to participate in politics in general and the Coffee Party... more

Bill Moyer and Eric Byler will discuss the collaboration between the Backbone Campaign and Coffee Party to help bring together the For the People Coalition to stand united against the Citizens United decision and the need for the People to... more

Have coffee with Heather McGhee, Director of DC office for Demos, who will discuss the work that Demos has been doing on the deficit issue. They co-published a response to the National Deficit Commission along with... more

Kiki McLean (senior adviser to Hillary Clinton for President) & John Avlon (CNN contributor, Daily Beast columnist and the author of Wingnuts) are leading, along with Mark McKinnon and Nancy Jacobson, a new movement that wants to end... more

Joseph McCormick recently wrote: Transpartisan and bipartisan are two different things. The corporatist elitist element at the “center” of both parties - “Dempublicrats” - are now scrambling to channel the discontent w/ partisanship... more
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