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This is the official radio network for Coffee Party USA. Our shows are listed at: Our shows have audience participation from all over the country. All are hosted, researched, and produced by Coffee Party volunteers.

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When is a lawsuit a fundraising strategy? Just look at the drama around the threats to sue the POTUS. Threats follow accusations, polarizing lines have been drawn, and the contributions are rolling in on both sides of the question. This is a sister strategy to "the never ending upset", an issue that has no hope of being resolved because it is in the financial interest of everyone to keep the fire burning and the campaign contributions coming. And the data mining that happens in the process is a fundamental piece of this strategy. Every time a petition is signed, opinions are given, posts are shared, phone calls are answered, texts are sent, and tweets retweeted, personal data flows from the electorate to the fundraisers of those who would be elected. Some say this need to create emotional giving is a big reason why Congress and Legislatures across America can't/won't get their job done. Have you seen this strategy in action? Let's talk about this! Find "homework" articles for this topic at the Lunch with Louden Facebook page: LUNCH with LOUDEN Jeanene Louden and co-host Debilyn Molineaux talk about current events and look for opportunities to bridge political divides, expose corruption and share information not covered in mainstream media. Coffee Party is run by volunteers with modest monthly expenses. Your membership and contributions count! Please join, become a member, renew, contribute or volunteer go to Thanks!
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Have coffee with filmmaker, writer and citizen journalist, Jeffrey Abelson. The Coffee Party began collaboration with Jeffrey and his Song of Citizen project... more

Have coffee with Sabina Virgo, Chris Rigopulos and other Interim Board members to discuss their work and the future of the Coffee Party movement. What does it take to go from a popular facebook page to a sustainable nonprofit organization?

Have coffee with Annabel and Elisa Batista, mother, blogger and activist. We'll discuss the dysfunctions of Congress to address the devastating economic crisis and what we need to do about it.

John Bonifaz of Free Speech for the People on Citizens United and what needs to be done to reverse the ruling: "To restore the First Amendment to its original purpose, we need to enact a constitutional amendment that puts people ahead... more

How do we achieve institutional impact as a grassroots movement given the obstructionism, gridlock and corruption in Washington? Discussion w/ John Steiner, Acting Chair of the Transpartisan Center, visionary thinker, organizer... more

Lessons in organizing from this Florida Chapter organizers. Featured speakers include Ray Hudkins and William Ramos. Other FL organizers will join the discussion.

Have coffee w/ Sally Swisher of the Big Apple Coffee Party about their journey to organize a strong a Coffee Party chapter in New York. We'll focus on their collaboration process and their plans for the future. We'll also talk about their... more

Have coffee with Tom Atlee, founder, co-director, and research director of the non-profit Co-Intelligence Institute and author of The Tao of Democracy: Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World that Works for All. Please read his blog post... more

Have coffee with Steven Cowan, director of Priceless, a documentary about money in politics and citizens' responses across the country. We'll also discuss why stories are important to politics.

The scheduled talk with Sabina Virgo and the Interim Board didn't work out. Annabel and Bruce Schuman of talk about a variety of philosophical, political and practical challenges of the Coffee Party and the... more
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