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Battle at the ballot box: your civil right and civic duty to vote. In Hong Kong there are tens of thousands of protesters in the streets because their vote has been marginalized by state selection of candidates. Meanwhile, back in the US, citizens are fighting to exercise their civil right and civic duty to vote. In North Carolina there is much to celebrate after a federal court of appeals blocked at least part of the voter suppression law in that state. Reverend Barber from the NAACP Moral Monday Movement spoke to the laws and to a voter misinformation mailer put out by The American Prosperity Foundation, funded primarily by the Koch's on All In with Chris Hayes yesterday. Your can watch the segment here. Today is October 2nd, and election day is November 4th, so in every state in the union it is not too late to register to vote. If you wonder what the registration dates are in your state, click here On today's Lunch with Louden we will discuss the challenge of voting in America, and hope you will call in to discuss your state's efforts to empower or suppress the vote. LUNCH with LOUDEN Jeanene Louden and co-host Debilyn Molineaux talk about current events and look for opportunities to bridge political divides, expose corruption and share information not covered in mainstream media. They also take the lead in keeping Coffee Parrty members and followers in the loop.
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An anti-Muslim Internet video went viral and caused an explosion of rage in many Muslim countries. U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed along with three other Americans. How can people blame the U.S. government for this... more

Do you know CODE? Some call it "dog-whistling". Can you explain the value of secret meanings to everyday words like "patriot", and how did "fact check" come to mean "shill?" Aquene Fairchild from Public Citizen will start the... more

How did end up with "post-truth politics?" Why does it seem that politicians pander to their funders first, betting that the huge donations that follow will allow them to buy advertisements for votes? Why not just go directly to the voters?... more

We want to hear from you! (646) 929-2495. Tonight we're talking about the DNC Convention. Pundits say it was one of the all time great ones. Polls suggest a 5 to 6 point bounce for President Obama, we'll talk to folks who watched it on TV... more

During today's show we want to hear from people who watched or witnessed one or both of the two major party conventions. The Coffee Party organizes around the principles of civility, respect for diverse cultures and diverse... more

What a difference a week makes. I attended the entire Democratic Convention. I was able to attend all the speeches every day the convention was in session. The enthusiasm in the arena was electric. What is a certainty is that Democrats... more

Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton have made big speeches this week. How do journalists cover these big events in a meaningful way? Is news coverage ever unbiased? What would "just the facts" reporting look like? Would it draw an... more

Tonight Eric Byler will be reporting LIVE from the Democratic National Convention. Yesterday Eric filmed this video at the DNC Hispanic Caucus as a volunteer for the convention. He's invited two people who appear in the video... more

We will have live reporting from the Democratic Convention with Eric Byler and others on the scene. Tune in, call in! I hope you'll call in to Speaking of America tonight to tell us what you'd like to see come out of Charlotte, NC this week.... more

Jeanene Louden, host of Thursday's LUNCH WITH LOUDEN will co-host for Jessica English, whose latest web video just might turn the welfare debate on its head. She writes: "If you don't like welfare and you don't like food stamps, tell... more
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