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This is the official radio network for Coffee Party USA. Our shows are listed at: Our shows have audience participation from all over the country. All are hosted, researched, and produced by Coffee Party volunteers.

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So you think you know how the government works, eh? How many times are you having a civil, fact-based, political discussion when someone says something that sets off the ?I don't think that's right? buzzer in your head? Tonight we'll give... more

What a crazy week. First we continue to see President Obama fell into the debt debate trap as opposed to the employment debate. We get the selection of a Latin American pope who believes strongly in humility, social, and economic... more

Jeanene: Why does anyone think that the trendy movement to attack women's freedoms might not be a Coffee Party concern? The systematically executed strategy to use women's issues as symbols for everything wrong with America is... more

Back in 2010 Barbara Olschner felt compelled to run for Congress in Florida's 2nd District, a generally Democratic district that many in the GOP felt was vulnerable. As a moderate, thoughtful, logical Republican, she thought perhaps... more

Press [1] For Democracy tonight: Spreading Corruption: No One Side Has a Monopoly Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern Call (646) 929-2495 to listen & hit [1] to speak Are you amongst the many who think that only the right wing groups seek... more

We've made very little progress on the issue of money in politics since the "Citizens United" wake-up call in early 2010. Although public awareness has increased, there has been no real call for reform coming from Congress or the... more

Politics Done Right With Egberto Willies is a political talk show on current events. While the show has a admittedly liberal bent, it seeks to engage citizens of all political ideologies to foment a healthy discourse. Join us on Saturdays from... more

100 years from now we may look back at today and see the power of cash in politics (Citizens United, American Legislative Exchange Council, Americans United for Life, not to mention the candidate addiction to mega-contributions) as... more

Tonight on The Middle Ground, we'll discuss the Supreme Court case that could strike down a key provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and what it could mean for America. This video by Annabel Park & Eric Byler captures the feeling of... more

Like most in America, my neighborhood back in Marietta, GA is a political hot-box, with folks whose beliefs range from staunch conservative to ultra-progressive, and everywhere in between. But on most summer days, they... more
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