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This is the official radio network for Coffee Party USA. Our shows are listed at: Our shows have audience participation from all over the country. All are hosted, researched, and produced by Coffee Party volunteers.

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This afternoon I got an IM from my Conservative friend and blogger Bob Price. He had heard that the President was talking about the Trayvon Martin case. He was also concerned about all the rallies and activities in Houston and asked my... more

CALL IN SHOW! Today we plan to Incite Civility and Reason - but you get to pick your topic. How about that House Farm Bill? Did you know soup kitchens caused the great recession - if you follow the logic that justified removing food stamps.... more

?Sorry to say, but there isn't a bandwagon I want to ride on in this parade. Unlike so many out there, I'm just not sure what the right answer should have been…? Those are Michael Charney's thoughts, and tonight on THE... more

Election Reform Tonight's guest, Christina Tobin is the Founder and Chair of the Free & Equal Elections Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, organization dedicated to creating open and transparent elections that give power back to the... more

This week's show By now everyone in America is aware that the War on Women's rights, the War on Healthcare, the War on Education, and the War on Labor have its epicenter in Texas. After-all, Texas has a robust economy that... more

Don't adjust your color pallet. The images for today's show are orange in support of women in Texas and across our nation who are resisting being railroaded into the past. Coffee Party has had member boots on the ground in Austin and... more

Tonight at 8PM EST (5PM PST), the Middle Ground welcomes back co-host Michael Charney for a discussion on Democracy Inaction—and, no, that's not a typo… Both Michael and Eric have been wondering lately... more

As we again celebrated the birth of our nation it occurred to me that we are at an important time in our history as a free people and citizens; it is once again up to us to make sure our government works for our betterment. As I do a roll... more

This week's show It has been very busy since the last show. It started with a whole lot of fun at the Gay Pride Parade in Houston, Texas where there was a special bounce in the participants because of the Supreme Court ruling. Being a... more

I check in just to say hi to our regular listeners, but tonight's show has to be cancelled. Ananbel and I just finished shooting for Story of America and there is 10 minutes until the show! Presented by Coffee Party USA, "The... more
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