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Guns vs. Liberty? Seems Washington is set on taking both.

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When does a "conspiracy theory" begin to seem plausible?  Before the dawn of the current century, I personally dismissed any anti-gun control argument based on the notion that the 2nd Amendment gave citizens the right to possess weapons without restriction as protection against a tyrannical government.  Those claiming such protections used rhetoric such as, "I'll be prepared for the day they come for me; and they're going to have to carry me away in a pine box."  Frankly, it sounded absurd.  But then came 9-11, and shortly after it a pattern of legislation that has systematically ratcheted down our civil liberties; and all of a sudden, "crazy" is beginning to take on shades of plausibility. 

Case in point:  Last December, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Cali) introduced an amendment to NDAA 2012 that allows a US Citizen living on US Soil to be detained Gitmo style.  No lawyer, no trial, not contact with family -- a complete eradication of your constitutional right of Habeas Corpus.  Then, just this Saturday, she announced a comprehensive bill to upgrade an assault weapons ban that expired in 2004; a ban that could arguably leave you defenseless against, let’s call it a Waco-style breach made in an attempt to deprive you of your right to liberty.  Please understand, I believe this a remote possibility at best; but to not at least question Senator Feinstein's motives would be unwise.  So tonight we’re going to do just that during the maiden voyage of the Coffee Party’s newest radio show, hosted by political activist Dan Aronson.  Listen in live, or call in to voice your opinion.  And when you do, remember to Press '1' for Democracy