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Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton have made big speeches this week. How do journalists cover these big events in a meaningful way? Is news coverage ever unbiased? What would "just the facts" reporting look like? Would it draw an audience?

On today's LUNCH WITH LOUDEN, we talk with Peggy Holman, Founder of Journalism That Matters, a nonprofit that recommits journalism to what is fundamental for connecting news with its audience so that it serves and sustains us.  Today, we'll talk about the shifting role of the media in today's world.  We'll also tackle the emergence of citizen journalists and what basic skills are needed to provide accurate and solid information.

But how healthy is our current system?  What do we need for a sustainably healthy news and information system?  Why the need to recommit to anything?  Hint:  Check one of their websites:  The Tao of Journalism.  As always, we want to hear from you.  Join us!

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