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This is the official radio network for Coffee Party USA. Our shows are listed at: http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/_show_schedule Our shows have audience participation from all over the country. All are hosted, researched, and produced by Coffee Party volunteers.

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Taqiya Taco Tuesday with a jigger or three of Tequila for Cal. Are you ready to rumble with the truth? It's time to Wake Up ‘Merica. Joining Isa & Common Cal, Tuesday July 7th, 2015 we have two guests lined up with some interesting points of views. Making his debut appearance on ‘A Muslim & A Catholic ‘Wake Up In ‘Merica'? is Tom Trento of ?The United West? Tom frequently goes toe to toe with Muslim Brotherhood representatives exposing their radical agenda to the public and elected officials. Will Isa and Tom be able to agree on anything? That there are extremes everywhere and do not reflect how the rest of us believe? Or, that drawing lines in the sand is not the correct battle to be fighting, but the battle on government tyranny and control is? Now if that wasn't enough we have a returning guest. Ole Dammegård exposing more false flags of today. Maybe tin foil has a purpose beyond the backyard summer BBQ yet….Tune into A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica, Tuesday night 8:00pm EST/5:00pmPST to find out. Broadcast on: wakeupinmerica.com, JREV Radio, and Coffee Party USA Radio Network.
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The Democratic candidates for President are well-qualified for the Executive Office. Our guest, Vic Meyers, says Hillary Clinton may have the best resume to be President since the Founding Fathers. However, Vic is supporting Bernie... more

Can Liberty and Justice exist together? Can they exist without one another? How do our concepts of Liberty and Justice play out in current events? How does the insult, "politically correct" prevent any meaningful discussion about this topic?... more

Here we go again; you have slept long enough in you Ritalin induced zombie shuffle. Effecting change before the apocalypse hits, Dr. Isa and Common Cal take to the air waves Tuesday night. Joining them Derrick J. Freeman to... more

Are you an enemy combatant? There is no real definition so the answer might by ?yes?. It's very subjective. Without warning, the government can now seize you, put you in a secret jail without legal representation, and hold you indefinitely.... more

CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement. Founded by Madea Benjamin and Jodie Evans CODEPINK is eager to see mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters, female workers, students,... more

Jack Hunter was an aide to Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul. He helped Rand Paul write his book ?The Tea Party Goes to Washington?. He resigned from Rand Paul's staff when it was revealed that he was the... more

The public fate of a confederate battle flag has conventional and social media on fire. In what appears to be a ?tipping point? moment after the racially motivated mass murder in South Carolina, public sentiment has found widespread... more

A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In 'Merica survived the mafia in Chi Town!!! Dr. Isa & Common Cal will take to the air Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 ay 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST to share their pearls of wisdom. They will share what it was... more

Our Coffee Party USA Book Club returns in June with IF I WERE PRESIDENT - Saving Mainstreet America. Read the book and then join us for a discussion with author Randy Fricke on a special Coffee Party Blogtalkradio program on June... more
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