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Cody Horton



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Success is the key to happiness. Discover how to become your most important asset, your key to Personality, Persuasion and Success. Discover how to understand and control your emotions. Become imperturbable to others emotions and actions. Discover how to succeed in making others want to listen and how to heal your relationships. Discover how to let go of the fear surrounding money, loss and rejection. Discover how to become empowered using certain communication techniques. Discover how religion without sound psychology doesn't work and how psychology without spirituality leaves you wanting. The Law of Attraction does work and you can use it to create a life worth living. Cody Horton has written five books with concrete answers showing how you do create your reality by the choices you make. Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul says this about Cody's book Consciously Creating Wealth; "This brilliant book integrates ancient wisdom and modern science to show how you create your own reality. It brings you new insights that are profoundly clear. More importantly, you are given actual techniques you can use to transform your life." Also, Joe Vitale of the Secret says, "I love this book. It's honest, practical, inspiring, and easy. It's worth gold. Just take my word for it and GET IT!" Yes, we live in an abundant society and if you don't have everything you want and need, you are literally pushing it away. Join Cody Horton, Clinical Hypnotherapist as she covers many topics, regarding psychology, spirituality, the subconscious mind, hypnosis, trance, success, abundance, relationships and health. Your mind can either help you or sabotage your very best efforts. Cody will give you concrete answers and techniques to overcome any obstacle you encounter. Jack Canfield made the comment that when he faces great but somewhat scary opportunities, he's trained himself to think, "Oh what the heck, I'll do it anyway!" T

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You probably have heard or seen the movie the Secret. Is it real or just some fluff and nonsense for the authors of the movie to make money? As a small child I was very intuitive and also knew that when I set my intention, events came about to... more

Albert Einstein said "The only real valuable thing is intuition." Intuition is a knowingness; it is a feeling. Your iintuition is constantly providing you with clues but most of the time you disregard it or are not even aware of it. Many times... more

Merlin instructs his initiate Arthur on BELIEF. This is a much misunderstood action and many people have written about the Law of Attraction and suggest that you take action without first having established your intention. This creates... more

Merlin and Arthur find themselves back in the Questing Wode as Merlin instructs Arthur on how to serve others when he becomes king. The ego wants to take center stage when in reality its only task is to allow Spirit to manifest as a... more

Merlin shares with Arthur about mortals experiencing negative realities because they continue to tell the same story over and over and over again! Which is what he terms "Yesterday's News!" Is it any wonder individuals live quiet lives of... more

Emotions are the catalyst for manifesting your desires. Most individuals have so much emotional energy around what they don't want and this is exactly what they experience. Emotion is energy in motion and you must turn away from your... more

Merlin instructs his initiate Arthur in the correct ways of mastering life. He shares with Arthur who really is quite adept in understanding life and how to prosper even though the old wizard likes to repeat over and over again. But it does bare... more

Y Each broadcast is based upon my Internationally best selling book "Consciously Creating Wealth." You will want to tune in as I reveal how I started a men's boutique on just $2,000 and in 5 years I had a $500,000 business during... more

Each broadcast is based upon my Internationally best selling book "Consciously Creating Wealth." You will want to tune in as I reveal how I started a men's boutique on just $2,000 and in 5 years I had a $500,000 business during the... more

You have the power to be anything you desireif you will just use your imagination consciously. You use your imagination all of the time, but most of the time you are not conscious of what you are imagining for yourselves. Tune in as I talk about... more