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Lecture Dalai Lama - PeaceThrough Inner Peace-01-05-19

More with Will on the following: - Manchurian candidates - Sandy Hook, Aurora, mass shootings - Food being used to dumb down people? - Cinnamon poison or healthy - Compromised personal freedom. These and other subjects from Dr... more

Topics that should be mainstream.. Dr Jubb on the following: - Project Bluebeam - mind control and manipulation? - Eugenics and planned obsolescence - Mainstream accounts of mass shootings - Compromised personal freedom.... more

More from Dr Jubb on: - False flag update - Morgellons disease - what is it? - D.U.M.B. bases - underground covert operations - Compromised personal freedom. These and other subjects from Dr David Jubb. Call in to ask Dr Jubb... more

Have a question for Dr Jubb about what is happening currently? - What is happening with Antarctica ? - Spraying the skies and morgellons. - Sandy Hook, Aurora, Mass shootings and media manipulation? How are they connected? Is... more

Dr Jubb will talk about the onslaught of misinformation - six pack Frankenstein pacific salmon? Transhumanism? Cloneing? -Is there a synthetic Armageddon? -Social control through pharmaceuticals? -Weather control and manipulation... more

Dr Jubb will discuss subjects relevant to current effects. - We are moving into a nexus of space that was warned about in the Mayan calendar. -What are the connections with the search for the Manchurian candidate and social... more

Dr Jubb will continue talking about the current events and connections to past events -Project Bluebird, Project BlueBeam, Project Clear eyes.. open source information on psyops projects -How do we operate in a mind controlled society?... more

Dr Jubb will talk about some of the control tactics being used - MK Ultra, MK Search, Project BlueBeam, Project BlueBird - what do they have in common? -similarities between the shootings at Sandy Hook, Aurora and others -Is there a... more
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