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COBASMRadio Elijah NatureBoy Spiritual Evolution

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I am a philosopher {lover of wisdom, willing to pay whatever price required for obtaining it} and prophet who have lived a Nomad's life for 36 years to obtain an understanding of life no one is able to obtain without living it. Wisdom requires living alone for developing the feminine or masculine attribute now usually integrated in man and having a completely objective approach to everything not accepting both opposites man ofter judge good and evil. It require breaking most laws to find when they are of value and when they are not, therefore, when one is in search of it they often appear to be bipolar unless one talks to them in questioning why they do what they do. That is what I went through in order to obtain what wisdom I have and a vision of the 182,000 year cycle governing man on earth containing this 84,000-year material civilization which ends by destroying all man before the beginning of the 7000-year transition leading into another 84,000-years spiritual one. However, the spiritual one does not require everyone's discarnating to live in the material one because their curiosity of the material world will cause man to accept the transition, but going into the spiritual one it would be almost impossible for man-in-mass to change into spiritual minded beings is why everyone discarnates prior to the transition.