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Continuing the gun control discussion, Part 12

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Coalition of Freedom

Coalition of Freedom


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Tonight, we will do an update on the gun control battle. 

Senator Feinstein did her little presentation designed to scare the average American and then she presented her "new and improved" destroy the 2nd amendment bill.

Once again we will discuss why gun control has nothing to do with crime.  This is about disarming the American people, it is about creating more victums and it is about moving the systen one more step towards gun siezure.  Regristration is the last step before siezure. 

We will also break down the 23 executive actions the president has implimented.

We will also discuss why sheriffs so impoortant in maintaining our freedoms. 

Why is it that with the smallest percentage of gun crime being "rifles" that the driving factor of the gun grabbers is "so called" assault rifles?  Why is it the gun grabbers never talk about the 2 million people who stop crime because they had a gun.  Or the 200,000 women who stop rape and abuse against themselves because they had a gun.  Or the fact that the terrible gun crimes happen in cities and places, like schools, that are essentially gun free zones.

There were only 8000 gun deaths in 2011....  Compared that to over 2 million citizens who stop crime with a gun.  2 million compared to 8000?  Are you kidding me?

We will also start our discussion on the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.