Continuing the gun control discussion Part 9

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Coalition of Freedom

Coalition of Freedom


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Part 1: Updating the upcoming RNC chair elections and profiling mark Willis as a replacement for Reince Priebus.



Step down now website:

GOP interactive map, state chair people:

Tex & Rex:

Part 2: Updating the current assault on our bill of rights and continuing to educate people and help protect our second amendment rights. The 2nd amendment is not about hunting, it is a vital part of the checks and balances in this country

The country is divided; the leftist media is doubling down on misinformation on gun crime and their proposed solutions and only a handful of people on the right are working hard to protect your 2nd amendment rights.

People don't get it... this is always the goal of tyrants. Gun control is an illision; the long term goal is disarmament.