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Coach TMB is a Personal Development Specialist who will challenge, inspire, and empower you into learning how to live your best life "in life now!" She is on the air weekly with guests from around the world engaged in real talk about real life. WILN Radio is your premier platform in inspirational lifestyle talk radio "in life now!"

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Ladies and gentlemen we are in for an outstanding time on this episode of In Life Now Radio as we listen and learn from Ph.D & Ceo of Darling Communications, Ms. Darlene Lee! This month on April 25th she will be hosting a professional... more

"Do you have the Courage and Confidence to Succeed? Let Shari help you take control of your life, find your true self and create an authentic life of happiness and success!" Ladies and gentlemen we are in for an engaging, fun, and... more

Ladies & gentlemen we are in for an exciting and empowering time on this episode of In Life Now Radio with our guest Carla Cannon who is the CEO of Woman of Standard Magazine and Inspiring Hearts, her coaching consultancy.... more

Ladies & Gentlemen get ready for a "Blessed Encounter" with our guest Ms. Janell Freeman CEO of Blessed Encounters. I promise that you will be inspired and empowered as you hear some of her story on this episode of In Life Now... more

When Eddie was 20 years old, she suffered from the devastating effects of severe hair loss due to over processing her hair and an allergic reaction to a toxic chemical in a product. After many years of undergoing treatments to grow her... more

"This riveting book written by Pastor Eric Tolbert, masterfully records the journey that he and his family had to go through in order to get to where they are today. This book will literally bring you into each chapter with great anticipation of... more

Kanesha Morrison, founder of Blingy Girl Things, has always had a passion for helping women live their dreams. As a wife and mother of 3 young children she always is teaching balance. In order to be all God has called you to be, you have... more

West Michigan, ladies and gentlemen all around the world I am absolutely excited to bring this phenomenal lady to you by the name of Pastor Shavaun Langston! Get ready for an incredible time tonight of exciting, empowering, and... more

Ladies and gentleman I am excited to present to you another one of Grand Rapids Michigans' rare diamonds in the form of the beautiful, electrifying Cofounder of Ce Ela Models and Talent, Ms. Cecelia Hughes! On this episode of... more
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