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I am no longer airing this show. You can hear my broadcasts on ESOTERIC CHICK TALK RADIO SHOW HERE ON BLOG TALK RADIO.

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If you're like most people, you have a wealth of information that your customers and clients would benefit from learning. Information that can change the lives of your customers and make you lots of money. So what's wrong? Why is... more
Coach KX


  • by Coach KX
Let's face it folks, the internet is here to stay and here in each and every way! Businesses, churches, even grocery stores are reaching more more and more people through the world wide web. This new world wide community is not only... more

Join Coach K! as she speaks with MAx Fabry founder and president of the Online Wellness Association - a 21st Century business building a safe platform for qualified wellness practitioners to offer their services, and for the public to be... more
Coach KX


  • by Coach KX
If you envision Professional Facilitators and Mediators as quiet, guppy like people, then you have not met Pamela Cournoyer. Pamela, CEO of Communivate With Class is full of energy and will not hesitate to call it like she sees it, yet... more

Even just one unsuccessful business relationship can be incredibly stressful. Working with tough clients and customers, and losing income due to a lack of knowing how to work with them is even more frustrating! Want, or NEED, fresh... more
Coach KX


  • by Coach KX
I was so pleased to have Dr. Susan Bernstein as a guest on my show this week. With the economy being flip floppy, people are at a loss as to how they will meet these challenges. One of the biggest challenges during this time is job stability.... more

Since 2001, Dr, Susan Bernstein has helped hundreds of clients envision their future, get clear on next steps, and gain inner confidence. she has helped her clients to,find a new career or livelihood that truly fits.Discover their true worth... more

Coach K! will be speaking with the One Minute Coach founder,Masha Malka. Masha is a former Soviet refugee who knows first hand what it is like to be living below poverty level; to have low self-esteem; to start out without the language,... more
Coach KX

TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER:Resolving the pain within families.

  • by Coach KX
It be absolutely wonderful if we all were born into a family that was loving, kind, nurturing and peace-filled, but unfortunately this is not most of our experience. Catherine VanWetter, brought her incredible insight onto the show. Deeply... more

Our deepest relationships — with parents, husbands and wives, children and others — can provide profound support in our lives. However, hidden dynamics within these relationships often produce obstacles that keep us from being... more