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Enjoy 30, 45 and 60 minute segments of inspirational, CANDID and empowering conversations LIVE with Certified LGBT Life Coach, Kerri R. Smith-Osei, CLC This radio show empowers and inspires listeners in all areas of their lives whether it be spiritually, emotionally, or in their personal relationships. You don't have to identify as LGBTQ to get something from this show. Though the focus is always to provide hope and healing for the LGBTQ community PRIMARILY, an invitation to listen is extended to all individuals independent of sexual orientation. So tell a friend!

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** TOPIC: LGBT Entrepreneurs ** * Women are starting more and more businesses everyday. Are you trying to start a business? Do you need help? Afraid? Listen in and let's talk to successful entrepreneurs who are women. Let's... more

* When lesbians break up, stereotypically, there is a lot of drama. One partner may not be in a position to maturely handle what comes after the separation, but there doesn't have to be drama necessarily. Break-ups are a part of life and can... more

** TOPIC: Empowering Women in the LGBT Community ** * Why do we give up our power so easily? Why do we think we don't deserve to be successful? * What is holding us back from going after our goals and dreams? Let's discuss on... more

** TOPIC: Monogamy in the LGBT Community ** * Does monogamy exist in the LGBT Community? Some say yes, some say no! What do YOU think? * Can lesbians be committed and in long term relationships without cheating? Let's... more

* For those of who've always met their partners in real time, online dating can seem a little ... different. Romantic souls that we are, we all wish we could bump into the WOMAN of our dreams in the produce aisle at the supermarket or at a... more

**Join me on March 8 to get enlightened and empowered** We will be discussing spirituality within the LGBT community. * Many people in the LGBT community have had the church turn their back on them, even chastise them for being gay,... more

**Join me on Feb 22 for another interesting and empowering topic** We will be discussing how technology has affected relationships negatively (or positively). * Technology might be just as addictive as alcohol and drugs and could also... more

**Join me on Jan Feb 8 for another empowering topic** We will be featuring slam poets/spoken word artists in the LGBT community. * Hear inspiring words. Get empowered by the voices in our community. Slam poetry is all about... more

**Join me on Jan 25th for another empowering topic** We will be discussing interracial relationships within the LGBT community. * Many lesbians are in relationships with partners of a different ethnic backgrounds. For some, it's... more

**Join me on Jan 18th for another empowering topic** We will be discussing health, wellness and personal development within the LGBT community. * Many lesbians are not taking the steps necessary to get healthy and improve their... more
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