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Coaching Impact Radio is a ‘for coaches, by coaches’, podcast and Internet Radio Show. It’s all about coaching. In any given show you’ll find us exploring coaching technique, coaching as an industry, and how we all can make even more Coaching Impact ripples to add to the momentum. There will be interviews with global coaching leaders, conversations, live coaching, Q&A exchanges, explorations of how this profession changes your life, and more information about coaching that you can shake a stick at!

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We all agree that learning should be a fun and exciting experience, but as a coach, how do you get your clients into that perfect space? Frankie and Terri talk with Kevin Van Der Hout, a certified NLP Master and Health Practitioner, as... more

Coach Elena Espinal is acknowledged as one of Latin America's most experienced coaches. She has recently spoke at TED in Mexico, and has coached business leaders in Latin America, Europe and the United States. She... more

Tucked away in beautiful Ireland, Terri has found Coach Conor Hogan. His specialty: Coaching children. We will look not only at the needs of reaching out to our youth here and around the world, but the state of coaching in Ireland... more

Time often seems to slip away - You look up, and the day is almost over. How can you get more out of your time? Dan Chiodo has been helping people prioritize thier days manage their time - in fact, he wrote a book about it. Terri takes our... more

Frankie and Terri continue their series on your coaching scenarios, asking the important question: WHAT IF. ?What happens when…? ?How should you handle…? Today, the subject is executive coaching, and our guest... more

There is a certain amount of isolation in coaching. After all, you are working out of your own home or office, and you are truly a solopreneur. But it doesn't have to be that way. Vicki Zanini, President of the International Association Of... more

Coach Kate Young was almost a sad statistic, until a Life Coach pulled her back from the brink. She was so impressed and heartened by her experience, that she dedicated herself to Coaching and empowering others. Frankie and Terri make... more

Frankie and Terri open 2015 with Coach Kate Neligan. Her noble journey to transform lives has brought her to the noble steed: Using the experience of working with horses to increase self-awareness and creative intention. Will you... more

The new year is just around the corner - Don't wait! Now is the time to take stock and lay the groundwork for your life, business and well-being - Frankie and Terri will help you build your best year ever! Coaching Impact Radio. Brought to... more

As we approach the holiday season, there is a perfect opportunity to take stock of the year past, and plan for the future. What are you grateful for in your life and career? What have been the successes? No matter what setbacks may have... more