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Coach Denise

Coach Denise


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Is it a struggle for you to attract new customers? Are you really good at what you do; however, haven't mastered that "growing the business thing" yet? Are you noticing that potential customers are slipping through your fingers? Are your customers not referring enough business? Do you wish new customers were seeking YOU as opposed to you chasing THEM? If you're like most independent service professionals and sales professionals, you're very good at what you do; however, haven't mastered the business growth aspect of your business yet. Everything else in your business runs pretty smoothly, except for your customers attraction. Besides, that's never been your strong suit. If you don't start bringing in new paying customer on a regular basis, you may not be in business for yourself in one year. Now, before we go any further, let's agree that there's nothing wrong with you! I'll guess you were probably only taught your particular profession and never how Business Growth and marketing really work. See, as business owners, we tend to think of approaching new customers as "trying to get something" instead of offering something really valuable to them." This almost always leads us to poor results. No matter what we do or try, it doesn't work the way it should.

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