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Join Certified Law of Attraction Life Coaches Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin in the Coach Cafe' -'The Self Empowerment Place to Meet' each week with interviews with coaches, experts and authors to help us experience self empowerment in our lives. #CoachCafe

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What does it mean that hearts are free to express from the depth to which they go? This profound question is answered by tonight's Coach Cafe guest, Betsy Otter Thompson. Betsy is the inspirational writer and author of the... more

The most powerful intention all of us set forth is the intention to be here. Having the deliberate intention for whatever we want during this life needs the understanding of the law of attraction, allowing and the ability to balance... more

Did you know that you have a happiness set point? It is part genetic and part learned and you can raise it. On today's show certified life coaches, Kathleen and Estra will be discussing the everyday steps you can take to raise your... more

Happy Thanksgiving! Isn't it great that we have a holiday dedicated to gratitude? This week Kathleen and Estra will be discussing the power of gratitude and the action of giving thanks. How does it connect you to the All-That-Is and how... more

The subject of money touches most of us in one way or many ways in every day. It is a major factor in how we feel in our lives. If you are a student of Abraham Hicks and deliberate creation and desire to consciously create your own reality... more

Many people live with fear, and the fear of dying tops the list. In this week's show Estra and Kathleen discuss the fear of death and how to overcome it from the perspective of Neale Donald Walsh's book, Home With God: In a Life That... more

You are a powerful creator! But, are you creating what you want or more of what you don't want? Tonight,Certified Law of Attraction Life Coaches, Kathleen and Estra discuss the 3 step process of creation as taught by Abraham Hicks.... more

Do you know that you have an emotional guidance system that is always letting you know where you are while you are on your way to where you want to be? On todays show, Estra and Kathleen will help you to understand what your... more

Join Kathleen and Estra as we discuss 'Joy and The Law of Attraction' with Katherine C. H. E., Founder and CEO of the iaLOAp. Katherine has been leveraging the Law of Attraction for her own and her clients’ success for many... more

"Psych-K is a user friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind so you can change the printout of you life." Says Robert M. Williams, M.A. the originator of Psych-K and author of 'Psych-K, The Missing Peace in Your Life!' Join Kathleen... more