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Join Certified Law of Attraction Life Coaches Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin in the Coach Cafe' -'The Self Empowerment Place to Meet' each week with interviews with coaches, experts and authors to help us experience self empowerment in our lives. #CoachCafe

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Join hosts, certifed Law of Attraction Life Coaches, Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin as they discuss one of the main issues that people face in their attempts to move forward in life. Fear displaces the joy and security that are our birthright. It disempowers us. It creates a victim mentality that leaves us stuck and can even become addictive. As long as people are stuck in fear the choices they make will not serve them or the poeple around them. The solution? Learning how to shift into a place of love. Kathleen and Estra will discuss the practical processes they use in their coaching to help their clients make that shift. No matter what the subject, whether it be following your dreams, parenting your children or any of life's challenges, fear can interfere with reaching your goals. Listen in and find out how to deal with fear, truly believe the universe is friendly to you and ground yourself in love. Estra: Kathleen:
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We will all emrge into the afterlife some day. Have you ever wondered what that will be like? Most people fear the "death" experience, but there is nothing to fear. In his new book, The Afterlife Interviews, Jeffrey Marks has presented us... more

Tonight on Coach Cafe we revisit one of our most popular shows- ' Sex and the Law of Attraction.' Sex is a powerful energy in our lives and effects everything. When we are feeling and expressing love and passion from that deep... more

Did you know that embracing new ideas, people and things into your life creates an every expanding capacity for joy? To live a vibrant, alive, exciting life we all need to embrace the new and be open to having it come from anywhere, any... more

Clarity involves seeing the larger picture and having a larger perspective. It means that the larger the picture you hold of who you are, the clearer you can be. Coach Cafe' continues our discussion of how to open to your personal power... more

Did you know that your life is a reflection of your beliefs? Many of these beliefs are formed when we are children from our parents and others who influenced us with their beliefs; some good and some not. Most of us are carrying around... more

How would you like to no longer experience out of control, knee jerk reactions to life? Join us in the Coach Cafe' to learn about your emotions- what they are, what they mean and how to effectively use them, with the help of the leading edge... more

What is the purpose of gratitude? It is much more than politeness or relief at having gotten through an ordeal. True, heartfelt gratitude, practiced daily, raises your vibration and opens your heart, your doorway to your soul. It allows you to... more

What does self-respect mean for each of us? How does it affect self-worth and our relationships with others? Estra and Kathleen will explore this topic in depth on this episode of Coach Cafe. If you notice you are experiencing the same... more

We are wired to automatically assign a meaning or interpretation to each experience we have. We have a craving to explain why things have gone the way they have, and this happens without a conscious effort on our part. Eventually,... more

Professional Speaker and Certified Life Coach, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Stephanie Staples is a woman on a mission – to re-inspire, re-energize and re-engage individuals to live their lives with full gusto! She is... more