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Join Certified Law of Attraction Life Coaches Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin in the Coach Cafe' -'The Self Empowerment Place to Meet' each week with interviews with coaches, experts and authors to help us experience self empowerment in our lives. #CoachCafe

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Coach Cafe is delighted to welcome back Aingeal Rose O'Grady to continue our discussion about the Akashic Records and the nature of reality. We'll be discussing our DNA, the brain, consciousness, angels and ascended masters and more! Aingeal is the author of the Honest-To-God Series of books, which includes A Time of Change and The Nature of Reality. She has also written Tarot for Beginners and numerous spiritual eBooks based on a variety of topics. During the past 40 years she has acquired certifications in numerous healing modalities such as Reiki, Psychic Laser Therapy, Hypnotherapy (including past life regression), Rebirthing, Kathara Healing, the Christopher Method Sound Healing and Cellular Re-patterning. She had a thriving healing practice in Illinois for 12 years and taught her skills to many teachers and students alike. She spent years meditating and being taught by Archangel Raphael, who took her on many journeys into other worlds and planes of existence. Today Aingeal teaches The Authenticity Workshop, How To Read the Akashic Records, Transformational Writing, Tarot, as well as Healing with the Tarot. She also holds spiritually-focused Akashic Group sessions online from San Diego, California and Ireland. Aingeal has been a reader of the Akashic Records privately for over 20 years. The recordings of her Group Akashic sessions are available on her website:
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Join us as we visit with Graciela Zozaya who is the channel for The Essence of All! This is the same energy as the one known as Abraham. She started channeling The Essence in January of 2008. Later that year, Graciela and... more