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Whatever you are thinking and feeling today is creating your future. All of us have had things happen to us in the past that we are still holding on to today: whether it was a troubled childhood, a bad marriage or difficult job. Whatever it is, if you hold on to it as a negative it is baggage you carry with you 24 hours a day. It makes the journey through life more difficult. It would be like trying to hold a beach ball under water. It’s exhausting and eventually the ball will pop to the surface anyway and often at the most inopportune times! Instead of holding on to the issues in our lives as problems we view them as challenges with potential learning opportunities. This single shift in perception changes our attitude from victim consciousness (someone to whom life happens) to true empowerment. When you choose how you will move forward life becomes rich, full and exciting!

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Do you ever feel stuck in a rut or down in the dumps? What is holding you back from living a totally free and loving life? All too often we holding onto the negative energy of past relationships and circumstances. Even if you are aware of your... more