Spiritual Emergence ~ "Law of Choices"

Coach Lynne

Coach Lynne

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Join Coach Lynne as she discusses the universal laws which effect each of our lives; in relationships, career, wealth, health and our divine connection to our Creator.  The laws apply to all beliefs and religions so all are welcome to listen in and participate. 

Each Friday we will discuss one of the Laws below;

Law of Choices

Law of Balance

Law of Patterns

Law of Process

Law of Discipline

Law of Perfection

Law of No Judgments

Law of Faith

Law of Honesty

Law of Higher Will

Law of Intuition

Law of Action

Law of Cycles

Law of Responsibility

Law of the Present Moment

Law of Expectations

Law of Flexibility

There will be thought provoking questions and techniques to implement into your life teaching you how to effectively use these laws for your highest good and the good for all humanity. "Thy Will be done"

Namesta and Blessings to all

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