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Grafton, OH – Have you tried everything and just can't seem to change or improve certain life problems? Linda Blaser is a licensed psychotherapist, Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner and the founder of Rebalance Your Life. She believes what prevents us from creating the life we hope to live are our trapped emotions. ?People don't want to believe the traumas of their childhood can still be with them and making decisions for them. They want to believe it just goes away,? says Linda. ?My clients are intelligent and capable. They're looking for growth but they have problems to solve. I don't want someone to go through that if they don't have to. It's a choice.? With 30 years of counseling experience, Linda's goal is to help her clients understand themselves and what may be preventing them from making the changes they desire. Linda says she herself struggled with the lingering trauma of difficult early-life experiences but says she found ways to manage and overcome. ?I suffered a lot of childhood trauma and it plagued me for my entire life,? recalls Linda. ?I became a therapist because I wanted to figure out what I needed to do to fix myself. That's when Linda discovered the Emotion Code and Body Code, which seeks to release the trapped emotions associated with trauma so new decisions can be made. ?When I was first introduced to the Emotion Code I thought it made tremendous sense. I was very skeptical at first, but it showed me over and over that it worked,? says Linda. ?I've always really enjoyed helping people, but it's even better now because I feel so much freer." For more information on Linda Blaser, visit http://www.rebalanceyourlife.net
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Santa Fe, NM – Linda Carr is a multifaceted Health Care Practitioner. She has a global Emotional Freedom Technique Coaching and Consulting practice, using Skype to meet with clients online. Linda runs a private health care practice... more

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