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Sante Fe, NM – Abraham Maslow, known for his research on self-actualizing individuals and his Hierarchy of Needs Theory, stated, ?The only happy people I know are ones who are working well at something they consider important.? Self-actualizers get up each morning eager to get to work. Yet today, surveys have shown that 87 percent of the workforce remains disengaged. In an increasingly globalized economy, this crisis of leadership has led to a global epidemic, demanding leaders who truly care and want to transform organizations into environments where people can self-actualize. Donna Karaba is the founder and president of Karaba Consulting, an executive coaching firm dedicated to promoting authentic and enlightened leadership. As an executive coach, Donna works with leaders of organizations at the executive level -- CEOS, COOs, vice presidents – encouraging them to become more self-aware and empower the individuals around them to achieve their greatest potential. ?Some people are really good at what they do, but as you grow and develop in an organization and become a higher level leader, those skills aren't as important as your ability to work with others as well as develop and mentor people,? says Donna. Donna says organizations are made up of people who want to provide value. When we care about their growth, their passions, their goals, their connection to the overall mission of the company, we will see bottom line results. ?I believe the value of a leader is to tie in their employee's passions and goals with the company's mission,? says Donna. ?If people can be passionate at work they're going to be so much more effective, happy and loyal.? For more information on Karaba Consulting, visit www.karabaconsulting.com.
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Boulder, CO – People must face many challenges in life. Sometimes certain situations can create obstacles that make it difficult to handle the issues we must deal with. Anne Logue is the creator of A Path with a Purpose... more

Lexington, KY – Certified sound therapist, licensed spiritual healer, retired Ordained Minister, health coach and founder of SoulGlad Coaching, LLC, Carol B. Gailey truly wants nothing more than to help people. Specializing in the... more

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Washington, DC – With a big stride and a love for the landscape, Johnny Appleseed scattered his seeds across the American Wilderness, a symbol for the possibilities of our country and the difference one person can make. While the... more

Quebec, Canada – With an extensive background and over forty years experience, Germain Denis has proven to be a leader in the field of international trade consulting. Denis' educational background consists of a Bachelor's degree... more

Walker, WV – They say, ?You are what you eat,? and yet the critical role nutrition plays in our overall health is often overlooked. What you put in your body is what your body uses to function. If you don't feel well, it's because you're... more

Phoenix, AZ – Shame is a universal emotion, the most frightening and painful. Everyone wants to hide from it; no one wants to talk about it. According to Sandy Graham, when you pull shame out of the dark it loses its power. Graham... more

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Personal trainer and owner of Bobbi's House of Balance, Bobbi Little has always had an immense passion for health and wellness. For over 20 years, Bobbi has trained individuals in a wide variety of professional and amateur levels. With the... more

Author, lecturer, naturalist, photographer, and traveler… The extraordinary life and career of Richard Modlin has enabled him to experience parts of the world that many can only dream of. As a retired professor and marine/freshwater... more