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New York, NY – The most important love story of all is your love story, but we've been programmed to believe relationships are complicated and destined to fail. We need a new language to create new voices and new ways of loving in relationships. Angela Ambrosia is a love and relationship coach specializing in helping women to create the relationship of their dreams. ?There's always something in your love story that reveals qualities of love that are important to you,? says Angela. ?I'm passionate about creating a sense of love for a person that comes from within.? Through one-on-one coaching and a six-month at-home program called Transformed Relationships, Angela supports her clients to access the power of their desire to love and manage the feelings that arise. ?This is about writing the love story you've dreamed of living,? says Angela. ?It's about healing the hurts that have kept your relationships stuck in repeating negative patterns.? Transformed Relationships explores our formative experiences in relationships while offering strategies to shift our mindset. ?You can't step into a new relationship and be totally free until you've actually sorted through the past,? says Angela. ?Unless the emotion systems in the body are rewired or reprogrammed, people tend to revert back to the behavior of fear. With my system when you come into the new relationship with a person, all those old feelings can come up but you'll recognize them and get back to relating to the person in front of you. This is about coming from a higher place.? For more information on Angela Ambrosia, visit www.loveandrelationshipcoach.com
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Kelowna, BC – We often believe an event causes feelings, but feelings can only be triggered by an event. The cause of a feeling is what we bring to it: our needs and values, what's important to us. Every decision we make is... more

Rosemead, CA – While women continue to make strides toward equality, discrimination in the workplace remains an unfortunate reality. According to Eng. Monique Sidaross, an accomplished structural engineer and the first female... more

The husband and wife team of Dr. Renny McLean and Dr. Marina McLean have dedicated their lives to the enrichment of all of those they meet through God's glory. Global Glory Ministry has become well known for ?the moving and... more

Columbia, MO – Each of our lives is a great experiment, yet so often we internalize our pain and frustration, we forget we can only control to the end of our nose. Sue McDaniel is the author of I.M. Heart, a guide to understanding... more

Virginia Beach, VA –According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, nearly half of all children will experience bullying at some point while attending primary or secondary school. Author and... more

Northport, NY – Many of us face issues and obstacles that can cloud our judgment and hinder the progression of our lives. Many people are afraid to change or understand the feelings that they acquire. Sometimes an outside... more

Crystal Aube is the creator and founder of Coaching Leadership Solutions. She has a strong passion for personal growth and assisting in transforming the lives of others. Crystal's ability to intuitively recognize the essence of a client allows her... more

Lancaster, OH – There's a perception that our clergymen don't need anyone to talk to – after all they have their faith – but that's not always the case. Our pastors and ministers are people, too. We all need help... more

Toronto, Ontario – While men are typically considered decisive, strategic and competitive, women are more expressive, intuitive and collaborative. As more and more women step into and own their own businesses, these feminine traits... more

Wichita, KS – Parents want their children to grow into intelligent, creative, caring adults, but according to Dr. Barb Morrison, the care currently provided to newborn infants may be causing more harm than good. Dr. Morrison, or DrBarb,... more