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This is Close-Up Talk Radio with veteran award-winning broadcast TV and radio hosts Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn. An exciting broadcast series featuring several LIVE episodes daily and is a service of the Telly-award winning Close-Up TV News, a full service media company that provides entrepreneurs, business owners and extraordinary people a platform to share their story worldwide. On Close-Up Talk Radio, we feature fascinating guests from every walk of life! Entertainment, music, publishing, art, travel, health & wellness, self-help, sports, business, finance, science and much more. With shows 7 days a week, Close-Up Talk Radio with Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn offers you the opportunity to hear amazing stories from amazing guests and from around the globe. Join us! We also invite you to like and enjoy our Facebook Fan Page at: Welcome to CLOSE-UP TALK RADIO!

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Blairstown, NJ – Peter Drucker, considered by many to be the father of management, once said, ?Your job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you.? Indeed, great leaders want their organizations to be energetic places where people can give their best effort, but that requires leaders to be mindful of their energy and how their energy can impact the people around them. Barbara Hetzel is the founder of Ridge Top Coaching where she specializes in working with individuals to develop the internal and external processes necessary for effective leadership. For over 25 years, Barbara has worked with individuals, teams and organizations, in Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and higher education to identify their challenges and actively make changes. ?If you're having a bad day and you're not aware that all your edges are out, those edges are going to strike the people you're interacting with and influence them in a way that's not productive,? explains Barbara. ?As a leader, your energy and how you project your energy in your environment is going to have a direct correlation to your effectiveness as a leader.? Barbara works with leaders in a goal-directed, strength-based way to help them identify what causes their stress and how they can respond differently to stressful situations. ?You will begin to see success in life when you make different choices for how you manage your stress,? says Barbara. ?It helps you on an emotional and physical level, giving you the confidence to expand.?
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Coralville, IA – According to a recent report, the global shaving products market is expected to reach $33 billion by 2015. It's easy to see why. Razors now include anywhere from three to five blade cartridges to provide a closer, smooth... more

New series: Part 5 @ 2pm eastern. Returning to Close-Up Talk Radio is author Helen Olian. Fascinated with writing and animals since her youth, Helen wrote countless stories for her own viewing. After suffering a serious accident and... more

Middlefield, CT – You can't help your mind if your body is suffering. If you're not eating right, sleeping right and exercising, you're not able to heal, body or mind. As a former member of research faculty focused in... more

Kelowna, BC – We often believe an event causes feelings, but feelings can only be triggered by an event. The cause of a feeling is what we bring to it: our needs and values, what's important to us. Every decision we make is... more

The husband and wife team of Dr. Renny McLean and Dr. Marina McLean have dedicated their lives to the enrichment of all of those they meet through God's glory. Global Glory Ministry has become well known for ?the moving and... more

Columbia, MO – Each of our lives is a great experiment, yet so often we internalize our pain and frustration, we forget we can only control to the end of our nose. Sue McDaniel is the author of I.M. Heart, a guide to understanding... more

Virginia Beach, VA –According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, nearly half of all children will experience bullying at some point while attending primary or secondary school. Author and... more

Edwards, CO – Each individual brings to a relationship their own needs for closeness and attachment. When these needs are not met, however, and attachment is uncertain, a partner may express these unmet needs often at the... more

Lancaster, OH – There's a perception that our clergymen don't need anyone to talk to – after all they have their faith – but that's not always the case. Our pastors and ministers are people, too. We all need help... more

Wichita, KS – Parents want their children to grow into intelligent, creative, caring adults, but according to Dr. Barb Morrison, the care currently provided to newborn infants may be causing more harm than good. Dr. Morrison, or DrBarb,... more