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This is Close-Up Talk Radio with veteran award-winning broadcast TV and radio hosts Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn. An exciting broadcast series featuring several LIVE episodes daily and is a service of the Telly-award winning Close-Up TV News, a full service media company that provides entrepreneurs, business owners and extraordinary people a platform to share their story worldwide. On Close-Up Talk Radio, we feature fascinating guests from every walk of life! Entertainment, music, publishing, art, travel, health & wellness, self-help, sports, business, finance, science and much more. With shows 7 days a week, Close-Up Talk Radio with Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn offers you the opportunity to hear amazing stories from amazing guests and from around the globe. Join us! We also invite you to like and enjoy our Facebook Fan Page at: Welcome to CLOSE-UP TALK RADIO!

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Marathon, FL – How often have you heard someone say they are living their dream? Usually when people speak about their dreams they refer to them in the future tense: ?One day I'm going to…? When life gets in the way, our dreams are often the first thing we sacrifice. But not for Jennifer Powell. After a successful 25-year career in leadership development, helping organizations like Aetna and The Weather Channel improve the way they utilize their employees and train leaders, Powell left it all behind to fulfill her lifelong dream of working with dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida. The experience inspired Powell to establish Reflections, an independent coaching practice specializing in leadership and personal life transition coaching. With Reflections, Jennifer leverages her skills and experience to help individuals discover their passions to lead more effectively and live a more purposeful life. ?Reflections is the practical approach to dreaming,? says Jennifer. ?Most of my clients are in transition somewhere. I try to help people live their dreams by getting them connected to their passions.? Organizational development is about helping companies understand their employees are their most valuable resource. Life coaching is based on the same idea: you are the most valuable person in your life. Whether you're unsatisfied in your relationships or attempting to make a career change, it's easier to navigate transition if you value yourself. ?Sometimes it's about reminding them what the goal is so they can see it clearly and don't lose sight of it. Sometimes it's about determining what's holding them back from taking the steps they need to take to get there,? says Jennifer. ?The goal of coaching is to keep you moving so your life is as productive as you want it to be.?
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Murray, UT – In June 2008, dual legislation passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate designated September as Gospel Music Heritage Month. In recognition of Gospel Music Heritage Month, Close-Up Talk Radio will... more

Oakland, CA – The prevailing belief that marriage is between a man and a woman has compelled many gays and lesbians to enter heterosexual marriages and even start families. When revelations such as these occur within... more

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Murray, UT – In June 2008, dual legislation passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate designated September as Gospel Music Heritage Month. In recognition of Gospel Music Heritage Month, Close-Up Talk Radio will... more