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Philadelphia, PA – As Albert Einstein said, everything is energy. Our thoughts, emotions and every part of our body is pure energy. Energy Medicine is based on the premise that all physical and psychological processes, like our body, thoughts, emotions and beliefs are all expressions of energy. In times of stress these emotional energies can actually get trapped and disrupt the energy field of the body. These negative emotional energies are the leading cause of physical, emotional and mental pain, illness and disease. Joyce Michel is the founder of Dancing Moon Wellness, an energy healing practice dedicated to clearing trapped emotional energies to bring the body back to a state of wellness. Joyce is a Certified Emotion and Body Code Practitioner, energetic modalities that identify and release the emotional energy resulting from stressful and traumatic events in our lives. Using Applied Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Testing, Joyce is able to identify the negative emotional energies that are the root cause of a client's symptoms. ?Our organs and glands are emotion generators," says Joyce. "When we have excess negative energy trapped in our body, it overloads one or more circuits in our body. This ?overload? results in physical, emotional, mental pain, illness and disease. By asking yes and no questions of the subconscious, we are able to identify the root emotional cause of the client's symptoms, what caused the circuit to blow. ?In order to enjoy vibrant health, it is extremely important to release our emotional baggage. The Body and Emotion Code do just that, simply and easily.? For more information on Dancing Moon Wellness, visit http://sarah-joyce-michel.branded.me/.
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Maple Shade, NJ – "I know the power of the subconscious mind,? says Katherine Nuyens. "The subconscious mind does not judge our beliefs. We live out our programs in our subconscious mind, and that part of our mind does not... more

Concho, AZ – We each have a path toward a future we desire, but we often get sidetracked by the challenges of our lives. According to Sandee Mac, there are possible futures and probable futures, but we can influence energy to... more

Milltown, IN – The body is designed to heal itself, but emotional blocks prevent it from doing so. ?Our subconscious holds all the answers to why we're sick but few people know this,? says Ashira Young. ?It is the repository of all... more

Santa Rosa, CA – The quality of our lives transform as we fully embrace our REAL SELF It is never too late to begin. Coaching in one way of receiving guidance on our journey Nancy Hargis is a seasoned Life Coach working with... more

Asheville, NC – We all have issues we struggle with throughout our lives, like the feeling that we're not good enough. Eventually, these emotional issues can begin to manifest physically, negatively affecting our health. Some kind of... more

Ferguson, MO – Benjamin Franklin once said, ?Most people stop living at 25 and then they die at 75.? We all have the seed of a dream inside us that requires our nurturing. Mary Ann Mennemeyer is a coach, certified Life Mastery... more

Chicago, IL – When people engage in self-destructive behavior, rejecting any assistance friends and family may offer, an intervention, when done correctly, can be extremely effective in helping these individuals accept the help they... more

St. Paul, MN – Every athlete, no matter how good they are, still has a coach. We all have things we can work on and we need that outside perspective to let us know what we're doing, what we're not doing and what might be... more

New Cumberland, PA – Living with addiction can place families under incredible stress. The entire family becomes absorbed by the problem as it slowly spins out of control. But there is help. Angela Jakubowski is the founder and... more

Chicago, IL – When people engage in self-destructive behavior, rejecting any assistance friends and family may offer, an intervention, when done correctly, can be extremely effective in helping these individuals accept the help they... more