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Part 2: Close-Up with Carol B. Gailey of SoulGlad Coaching

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Lexington, KY – Certified sound therapist, licensed spiritual healer, retired Ordained Minister, health coach and founder of SoulGlad Coaching, LLC, Carol B. Gailey truly wants nothing more than to help people. Specializing in the utilization of tuning forks, Carol is able to tune the body’s energy centers also known as chakras.

Carol’s ability with tuning forks and releasing techniques has enabled her to assist people suffering from a variety of issues. The power of Carol’s services is incredible; she helps many people in stress management, pain reduction, life/energy balance, and improvement of overall quality of life. Carol also highlights the importance that though her services are considered alternative methods, they do not replace traditional medicine. The effect of balancing the body’s energy field is tremendous and deserves our attention.   The lasting effects we typically have with life’s difficulties can be changed gently and easily.

“It’s important to release highly charged emotional issues that we carry 24/7. We may let them go so we become freer, can be more creative, have more energy, and live the life that we dream about.”

Holding sessions by phone, Skype, and in person: Carol is easily accessible. Carol also instructs others on the many techniques of using tuning forks and releasing blockages. People feel relaxed, relieved, and revitalized after experiencing a session with Carol. “We all deserve the opportunity to feel and live better. We are capable of living extraordinary lives.” Carol B. Gailey of SoulGlad Coaching, LLC can help you reach your maximum potential.

Visit, email, or call 859-359-6528 .
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