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Part 3: Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Carol Purroy

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Reno, NV – It’s been said, “Every time an elderly person dies a library is lost.” If we don’t leave a record of our having lived, it’s lost, forever.

But what kind of story makes for a good memoir? Carol Purroy would ask, “What kind of memoir makes for a good story?” Purroy is the author of Your Life Oughta Be a Book, a beginner’s guide to memoir writing, inspired by her more than 20 years’ experience teaching memoir writing classes. According to Purroy, Your Life Oughta Be a Book isn’t just a “How-to” book, it’s also a “Why-to” book.

“Some people know their life should be a book, and that’s great. But others resist when I tell them they should write their own stories,” says Purroy. “They say, ‘My life isn’t interesting. I’ve never done anything.” Or, “I’m not a writer. I wouldn’t know how.” This book knocks down all the obstacles and explains how to get started, and how to keep going to the end.”

A memoir focuses on a specific aspect or time in a person’s life and explores it to reveal its significance. Anything can trigger a memory: a photo, a car, a fragrance. In the first class of the series, Purroy has students study a photo from his or her past and write a story about it.

Purroy has found writing one’s life story beneficial in many ways. She says, “The story of you is the most important thing you’ll ever write. It’s therapeutic; it enhances self-esteem; it’s your most valuable legacy.”

“It’s important to leave behind something that tells who you are,” says Purroy, “so your descendants will know more about who they are.”

Your Life Oughta Be a Book