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This is Close-Up Talk Radio with veteran award-winning broadcast TV and radio hosts Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn. An exciting broadcast series featuring several LIVE episodes daily and is a service of the Telly-award winning Close-Up TV News, a full service media company that provides entrepreneurs, business owners and extraordinary people a platform to share their story worldwide. On Close-Up Talk Radio, we feature fascinating guests from every walk of life! Entertainment, music, publishing, art, travel, health & wellness, self-help, sports, business, finance, science and much more. With shows 7 days a week, Close-Up Talk Radio with Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn offers you the opportunity to hear amazing stories from amazing guests and from around the globe. Join us! We also invite you to like and enjoy our Facebook Fan Page at: Welcome to CLOSE-UP TALK RADIO!

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Harvest, AL – Walking down the hygiene aisle of your local grocery store you'd be hard-pressed to find a soap that doesn't include a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. The truth about the household-name commercial-brand soaps found on most supermarket shelves is that they are almost all detergents. Maybe they can get you clean, but what damage are they doing to your skin? Homemade soaps smell better, feel better and clean better than any name-brand manufactured soap, so the best way to ensure you're using the best soap is to make your own. Mary Burns is the founder of Petals N Soap where she specializes in creating all-natural bath and body products. Burns develops, creates and sells her products, which include cold process, non-glycerin soaps made without detergents or SLS. ?We all deserve to have beautiful products to use when caring for our skin,? says Burns. ?People are becoming more aware of the good quality soaps so my goal is to provide you with the best and prettiest products possible.? Burns was first introduced to homemade soaps three years ago after watching a YouTube video. It looked so easy that she decided to try it for herself. Burns' soaps are made with a combination of olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter. The coconut oil does the cleansing, the castor oil produces the bubbles and the palm oil gives it a creamy feel. ?It looked like it could be turned into an art form,? says Burns. ?I don't know how to make plain soap. I don't make plain anything. Everything needs to have a twist because I like pushing the envelope. When I saw the consistency of it, I was fascinated with it and decided I needed to do it.?
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Calgary, Alberta – Traditional allopathic medicine has a long history of opposing alternative healing professions, but with the recent surge in chronic illness, more and more physicians are acknowledging the value of restorative... more

Murray, UT – Gospel artist Mahalia Jackson said, ?When you sing gospel you have a feeling there is a cure for what's wrong.? When someone sings from the heart in praise of God, it fills their spirit, restores their faith and... more

Oakland, CA – To proudly announce to the people you love the truth of who you really are can only be seen as a triumph, but there is, sadly, another side of the closet: the untold chapter of gay liberation. Lingering prejudices and... more

Miami, FL – In the heart of Miami Beach, Sally Drinkhouse and Nicole Pritchett are opening one of the coolest additions to the hottest city in Florida: ice bar and premier lounge Drinkhouse Fire and Ice, the first of its kind in South... more

Big Bear Lake, CA – Your brain is a big muscle. Just like you would hire a trainer at the gym so your muscles get the most benefit from your exercise, a life coach works with your brain muscle, teaching you a more productive way of... more

Vancouver, BC – Fundamental to the coaching relationship is creating a non-judgmental, safe space that allows our skills and talents to come forth. When our inner resources become accessible to us, new perspectives... more

Depew, NY – It's been said the only guarantees in life are death and taxes, and each April you can guarantee anyone writing a check to the U.S. Treasury is not happy about it. We dread paying our taxes, but that dread prevents us... more

Boca Raton, FL – The most important aspect of psychotherapy is the relationship between the therapist and the client. In fact, that relationship alone can be a powerful catalyst for healing; it's often the first time a person believes... more

Shamong, NJ – The experience of coping with a cancer diagnosis is often so profound, if you're fortunate enough to make it to the other side, you can help almost anyone going through it. People are more comfortable talking to... more

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