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Kamas, UT – Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state is determined by the circumstances our life's experiences. If one area is out of balance, all others are affected. Colette Rockhill is an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, certified Dream Builder coach and the founder of Whole Heart Healing, an energy healing practice that specializes in helping clients reach their optimal health to achieve a heart-centered life of joy and abundance. ?I believe a person's heart is essential to their health,? says Colette. ?The heart is the source of all physical health and the seat of our emotional stability. There's so much more underlying our problems than what presents physically. Colette helps her clients determine how they would like their life to look for their ultimate happiness. ?It's about helping to change their mindset about what's possible for them,? says Colette. ?Hopefully I get them to a place where they're healthy physically and can begin to work on manifesting what they would like to see in their life.? As an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, Colette helps her clients understand how their emotions can affect the energy flow in their body and how that can create physical problems over time. By releasing these trapped emotions, clients can return to the path toward wellness and abundance. ?I want to help others heal and become healers themselves,? says Colette. ?I've seen amazing things happen.? For more information on Whole Heart Healing, visit www.wholehearthealing.com
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Geneva, IL – As science continues to expand our knowledge of how energy works, more and more people are beginning to understand the connection between energy, our physical bodies, healing and health. Energy healing is... more

Oro Valley, AZ – Most organizations are really good at what they do operationally. The challenge is inspiring people to function beyond operations. How do we get managers to care about the people they manage and... more

Grafton, OH – Have you tried everything and just can't seem to change or improve certain life problems? Linda Blaser is a licensed psychotherapist, Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner and the founder of Rebalance Your Life. She... more

Philadelphia, PA – As Albert Einstein said, everything is energy. Energy Medicine is based on the premise that all physical and psychological processes – our body, thoughts, emotions and beliefs – are all expressions... more

Los Angeles, CA – Have you felt stuck, wanting to shift out of unhealthy or self-defeating patterns into a more expanded life? Have you felt destined to achieve something great but don't know where to start? Are ready to make a... more

Vancouver, BC – Recent studies have shown that in the North American work environment, 70 percent of all workers are disengaged. This disengagement is the result of a crisis in leadership. In order to remain competitive,... more

Austin, TX – You can talk about your issues for years, but if there are trapped emotions, whether from childhood or something more recent, regular talk therapy won't necessarily resolve the underlying issues that are creating current... more

Maple Shade, NJ – "I know the power of the subconscious mind,? says Katherine Nuyens. "The subconscious mind does not judge our beliefs. We live out our programs in our subconscious mind, and that part of our mind does not... more

Concho, AZ – We each have a path toward a future we desire, but we often get sidetracked by the challenges of our lives. According to Sandee Mac, there are possible futures and probable futures, but we can influence energy to... more

Milltown, IN – The body is designed to heal itself, but emotional blocks prevent it from doing so. ?Our subconscious holds all the answers to why we're sick but few people know this,? says Ashira Young. ?It is the repository of all... more