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Parrish, FL – The idea of facing our emotional issues can feel like a terrifying prospect. Many are reluctant to try for fear of suffering disappointment or enduring intense pain. Others believe they are ?broken? beyond repair and have lost hope. If life experiences have robbed you of your self-esteem, self-confidence and zest for life, know there is hope. ?We need to embrace the idea that there's really nothing wrong with you. You are simply reacting and responding to what you have witnessed and endured.? says Sophia Cayer. ?Trust that you have the power and the courage to create and enjoy your heart's desires.? Sophia is an EFT Founding Master and owner of Solace with Sophia, a coaching practice dedicated to helping individuals overcome the challenges that limit their ability to lead a productive, fulfilling life. ?For more than 25 years, Sophia has been dedicated to helping her clients define and generate - solutions to resolve their challenges and achieve their goals. ?It's about resolving the emotional components that generate our limiting beliefs and restricting patterns,? says Sophia. Sophia specializes in a unique self-empowering tool known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. EFT is based on the ancient Chinese energy meridian system. EFT uses several acupuncture or acupressure points on the face and upper body. By gently tapping on these points, we can neutralize disruptions in our body's energy system allowing the body's natural ability to heal itself to become stronger and more efficient. ?I have had the chance to see people's lives transformed," says Sophia. "It's incredibly humbling and fulfilling.? For more information on Solace with Sophia, visit www.sophiacayer.com
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Sandy, UT – All our stress and symptoms are our body's way of letting us know there is something occurring within us that we are ready to heal and release. Whether the challenge we are experiencing shows up as emotional,... more

Pensacola, FL – ARYA is a Sanskrit word that has been translated to mean "not ordinary; noble; valuable; precious; and pure." According to Tamara Powell, an integrative healer, counseling should be as unique as the energies in... more

Durham, NC – We all desire loving relationships and optimal health, but all too often what prevents us from achieving these dreams is ourselves and the negative patterns we've developed borne from our past experiences. We see so... more

Dawson Creek, BC – We live our lives through our emotions – that's what makes life exciting – but we don't process our emotions very well. If we think of the human body as a big computer that stores our experiences,... more

Edmonton, Alberta – We all have intuitive abilities that have been dulled for various reasons. If left open, our hearts can and will guide us to fulfill our deepest desires for our lives. Lindsay Hopper is an energy healer, coach and the... more

New York, NY – What's the upside of staying stuck? What's the downside of moving forward? If we can't speak directly to the part ourselves that is afraid to change, we're not going to make any progress. Our fears prevent us from... more

Lighthouse Point, FL – We weren't put here to live a so-so life. We all have the ability to get what we want. It doesn't have to remain a dream. ?You are the designer of your life and you create a gallery of moments,? says Laurie Marks,... more

Caledon, Ontario – We can gain dominion over our subconscious mind says Sharon Deugo, transformational life coach, energy practitioner and founder of Footprints Home, an energy healing practice dedicated to helping people... more

Sibley, MO – In the Peruvian culture the Quechua word for exchange is ?ayni.? It is the concept of cooperation and reciprocity, the balance of giving and receiving - the acceptance that everything in the world is connected. Toby Evans... more

Washington, UT – There is a growing awareness that traditional medicine doesn't have all the answers. Physicians are more puzzled than ever why their patients resist getting better. The time has come for each one of us to step up... more