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Amarillo, TX – When we think of developing our physical strength we practice physical fitness. In the same manner if we choose to develop our emotional strength we must practice emotional fitness. Having a strong emotional fitness routine in our lives allows us to reclaim the person we were born to be, not the person we have learned to be through our experiences. Elizabeth McPherson is an Emotional Fitness Coach and the founder of A Path of Choices where she teaches clients techniques to cope with, adjust or change their emotional responses to negative events and memories, specifically using a modality known as FasterEFT, Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations. According to Elizabeth, our memories are not fixed. When we remember an event, we are actually remembering the last time we remembered it. FasterEFT identifies the structure of how we process our experiences and collapses the support for negative memories and their corresponding beliefs. ?In the process of FasterEFT we often use the phrase - ­­­­­'Whatever it means, whatever it represents, it's safe to let it go,'" says Elizabeth. ?FasterEFT is truly a thinking system. My job is to guide my clients to learn how to do it on their own.? FasterEFT addresses emotional blockages. In doing so, the person going through the process has control over the change that occurs. ?What I have found is that even in the worst times, there are precious gifts, gifts that change a person,? says Elizabeth. ?If we can find those gifts it changes who we are at such a deep level. We transform from being a victim to someone who is empowered and is taking responsibility for our lives.? For more information on A Path of Choices, visit
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