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Stamford, CT – We are all faced with challenges and obstacles throughout our lives. To some, the choices and consequences that lie ahead can seem overwhelming. Past experiences play a role in our ability to choose the best path. For over 30 years, practice psychologist, personal coach and licensed professional counselor Alejandra Hochstedler has assisted many people across the globe to lose that fear, anger, sadness and take the necessary steps towards happiness and a healthier more fulfilling life. Alejandra enjoyed tremendous success as an organizational and clinical psychologist in Chile before relocating to the United States in 1999. Her ambitions were to continue that success within the United States and eventually expand globally, which she has by speaking at seminars in Europe, South America and North America. Alejandra incorporates a rich multicultural, bilingual, educational, and professional background into her work that is truly rare to find. Alejandra believes her Mindfulness Lifestyle Model is a one step at a time process. Alejandra not only works with people suffering from a wide variety of issues including depression, addiction, mental disorders and trauma, but she also works with people who are healthy but unhappy, unfulfilled. Happiness is a behavior. Alejandra makes herself available 24 hours a day and seven days a week holding sessions by phone, via Skype, develops events and in person at her Stamford, Connecticut office. ?Life is about perspectives. Each of us believes that when we reach a certain age, we are unable to change. No matter what age, family background, educational level, disability, or gender, we are all capable of change. It is my mission to help you succeed, through happiness? exclaims Hochstedler. For more information about Alejandra Hochstedler and Stamford Clinical Services visit
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Cincinnati, OH – Do you find that you have challenges that are holding you back in your life? Are you stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out? Do you need to rediscover yourself after the loss of a loved one? Gretchen Marie Fox is... more

We are all faced with challenges and obstacles throughout our lives. To some, the choices and consequences that lie ahead can seem incredibly overwhelming. Past experiences play an immense role in our ability to choose the best paths and... more

Vancouver, BC – Few life experiences compare to the emotional devastation of divorce. Many women find themselves stuck in their cycle of despair, but there are ways to move forward and to have an even better life... more

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Kainai Reserve, Alberta – The key to building our wellness foundation is a capacity to see a hopeful future. Coaching can empower us to see the problems that seem to catch us in an unending cloud. Whether we self-medicate our... more

Louisville, CO – The morning alarm goes off. You wake up dreading the 9-5 that awaits you. Maybe, you love your job but you just can't seem to break out and get that promotion you rightfully deserve. In personal and professional life,... more