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Ontario, Canada – If you feel the need to make a change in your life, some part of you is ready for it. It's likely you've been hearing whispers from the inner voice of your soul. Creativity can be a great way to discover what is emerging for you. Janet Stanley is an abstract expressionist painter, Transformational Energy Weaver and the founder of Open Heart Healing, where she creates healing works of art and holds space for others to express their unique gifts and expand into a more radiant version of themselves. ?When I'm painting well, I am out of my own way. It's so nourishing. It becomes timeless and joyful. The burdensome part of thinking is gone,? says Janet. ?I've found working with the energy field very much like painting. The creative process of making art accesses the same place of pure potentiality that fuels personal transformation and expansion." When it comes to transformational work, the wisdom is within the person. Janet says what most people need is some facilitation so they can feel safe enough to see the next step for themselves. Janet's clients often include other healing arts practitioners: massage therapists, artists and entrepreneurs with creative passion. Janet attributes this to her creative background. Long considered a ?painter's painter,? today, Janet could be thought of as a ?shaman's shaman.? "My life has been about exploring transformation," says Janet. "When you follow your inner voice and continue to listen to it you'll end up where we need to be. It's taken me all over the world and I'm not done.? For more information on Open Heart Healing, visit www.openhearthealing.ca
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Webster, NY – In today's fast-paced culture we're encouraged and expected to fill each moment of the day. As a result, we have too much on our schedule and too much on our mind. When we're at work, we think about home;... more

Beaverton, OR – Stress has become an inescapable fact of modern life. Few of us know how to cope with our stress in a healthy way. Without an effective means to cope with our stress, it will soon take its toll on our physical and... more

Sycamore, IL - Life Transformational Coach Chuck Keller, founder of Inspired Edge Coaching joins CUTV News Radio host Jim Masters LIVE Wednesday July 20th, 2016 @ 3pm eastern for a special one on one interview. For more... more

Walsenburg, CO – The early 21st century has been one defined by creative vision. Creatives use their imaginations but the visionary uses their imagination to plan for the future. The visionary can see beyond the limitations of... more

South Acworth, NH – No matter how old we are or what our station in life, we're all here to learn and discover as much as we can about the world and how we fit into it. A learner is defined as anyone who explores their environment to... more

Saskatoon, SK – Change is part of life but growth is optional. Therapy can offer essential support to a person struggling to cope and take their life to the next step, but what is often lacking is a focus on the future, a path toward personal... more

Castroville, CA – It's noble to be an empathetic soul and care for others but it should not be at your own expense. Ultimately, we have to put ourselves first and make sure that we nourish our soul each day. The more we come from a... more

Southwick, MA – Divorce can be difficult even when both parties agree. The division of assets – house, all property, money, retirement funds, everything that has worth – is one of the most difficult issues that must... more

Allenwood, NJ – In our fast-paced world we are placed under constant demand. In time, this lifestyle can take its toll on our physical and emotional wellbeing. How can we slow down? Sally Tennant is the founder of Healing... more

Bountiful, UT – How much is your health worth to you? It ought to be our number one priority; our health is what makes us who we are. If we're not whole emotionally – if we're overwhelmed by fears and shame – it will... more