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Allenwood, NJ – Stress is the number one cause of illness and disease. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stress accounts for at least 75 percent of all doctor visits, with some studies reporting the number could be as high as 90 percent. But what is stress really? According to Sally Tennant, stress is our emotional reaction to our perception of reality. In order to effectively cope with our stress and reverse its negative effects on our life, we must change our subconscious perceptions. Sally is the founder of Healing Through Your Mindset, a holistic energy practice dedicated to identifying and reprogramming the negative subconscious beliefs that cause stress responses in the body so we can make new choices that serve us. ?When we create a circle of stress, it becomes chronic,? explains Sally. ?If we can identify and reprogram the negative beliefs or the subconscious programs that support our stress, it will begin to dissipate. It's about reversing the stress response in the body.? Sally specializes in what she calls the Enlightenment Technique. This technique has been developed over many years of trainings in energy psychology, clinical kinesiology, quantum physics energy work and her communication with spirit. Once negative beliefs are identified, new information is offered to the subconscious, eliminating the disharmony that created a stress response, which then allows the body to begin its natural healing processes. ?If a person is ready for the work I do, it will resonate with them,? says Sally. ?By the end of a session they feel much calmer and much lighter.? For more information on Sally Tennant and Healing Through Your Mindset, visit http://www.healingthroughyourmindset.com.
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