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Smack Talk Sports Episode 15: Live With Chris Hogan



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CLNS Radio Smack Talk Sports C0-Hosts the SportsProdigy Chris McCarthy and Sean Bakke have a jam packed show lined up as always! They will discuss Ray Allen’s decision to sign with the Miami Heat and try to understand what that means for the Celtics, plus the results of past guest John Alessio’s  UFC 147 fight versus Shane roller!! It’s open forum as always so call in and talk some Smack 347-215-7771 They will also be joined by CLNS Radios very own Chris Hogan to discuss if the Red Sox will be sellers and start over next year or try and salvage this season with their current roster as is. They will also be talking Smack about all the hottest sports topics of the week which include the Celtics Summer League and what to make of Fab Melo and Jared Sullinger, plus did the Red Sox trade Kevin Youkilis to soon? Also on the docket for tonight’s show, they will debate who the most dominant player is of their own sport, is it Roger Federer who just secured his 17th major and regained the #1 world ranking by winning his seventh career Wimbledon title or Tiger Woods who has been making a come back! Chris and Sean will also reveal both of their Smacks Of The Week! As always you can join Smack Talk Sports hosts Chris McCarthy and Sean Bakke  live in the chat room and call the show at  347-215-7771 to get in on the discussion live on the air! Smack Talk Sports goes live at 8 PM, EST Follow the hosts on Twitter @CLNS_Chris and @CLNS_Sean

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