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The Community Listening Network is a station for all members of the human community to benefit and enjoy. Our talk programming primarily focus on: Health, Wellness, Self-Help/Self Empowerment, Environmental Awareness/General Awareness, and Spirituality.

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In this series premiere broadcast, we will be interviewing one our station favorites Mr. David Lanz! GRAMMY NOMINATED PIANIST DAVID LANZ is a contemporary instrumental legend whose deeply-felt compositions helped forge... more

Tonights guest is musical artist/author Jill Mattson. Through her extensive study, Jill has discovered the power of Sound to heal and transform the human body, mind and soul through Sound Healing (aka Vibratory Healing,... more

Join us for another ground-breaking event as Gary and Michael discuss the topic of "Race" and it's relative connection to our ancient origins. In all three of Michael's best-selling books ("Slave Species of god", "Adam's Calendar", and... more

Join us for another monumental broadcast where Stewart and Janet will discuss the coming "staged" events of "An Alien Invasion", and "The 2nd Coming". With shows like "The Event", "Persons Unknown", and "Lost" are we being set-up for... more

Tonight's guest is author, paranormal investigator, and (soon to be) screenwriter, producer, and film director Lura Ketchledge. Most ghost stories are mere fiction, but Lura's unique experiences has empowered her to write books that will take... more

That is the $64,000 question. Are we really all doomed to experience the same reality as the majority may think? Is 2012 the end of it all as even Hollywood would suggest? Well, Sonia Barrett, author of "Holographic Canvas; The... more

This week, we’ll talk about karma past and present and how you can shape it. Listen to some of internationally renown intuitive Johanna Carroll's best shows as we showcase the best of Dialogue with Divinity. For a full schedule for... more

In this show, we'll be revisited by Mr. Walter R. Mattfeld a career educator who specializes in the subjects of Geography, Anthropology, Social Studies, History and more. Walter spent 30 years researching the bible and its origins. His aim... more

In this show, we will learn what the ancient Atlanteans, Lemurians, Hindus, Asians, and Persians understood about music and how sounds and vibrations affected a civilization. Our special guest is Jill Mattson, who specializes in the... more

Best selling author Michael Tellinger (Slave Species of god) returns to the IR show to discuss his latest book "Temples Of The African Gods". As a follow-up to his last great book "Adams Calendar", Michael and co-author Johan Heine,... more
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