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The Community Listening Network is a station for all members of the human community to benefit and enjoy. Our talk programming primarily focus on: Health, Wellness, Self-Help/Self Empowerment, Environmental Awareness/General Awareness, and Spirituality.

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In this edition, Johanna's special guest will be renown author, and anxiety specialist Lucinda Bassett. Anxiety and depression is one of the most prevalent conditions in our cultural society today. It attacks people from all walks of life,... more
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On Monday April 21st, we'll be launching the New CLN music format on our live stream at: This new rotation will include the "Best Mix" of "20th Century Classics" from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. You'll hear your favorite Rock,... more

On this monumental premiere broadcast, Johanna will have a dialogue with prolific author Dianne Collins ("Do You Quantum Think"). We're in a Quantum Age still using thinking shaped by the Industrial Age, so it's no wonder we're feeling... more

Join Johanna and Barbara for this special Valentine's Day show focusing on "Love" and "Relationships" and how the stars and spirituality play a key role, and much more. We'll also be taking calls during this special broadcast, so if... more

Join us for this 4th quarter session where we'll bring back Remi Orts and Zara Angel of the Remi Orts Project. During our interview we'll discuss Remi's newest album "Prophecy" which is taking France by storm with the hit single "Legendary... more

In this 4th quarter edition, Johanna and Barbara review 2013, and preview 2014 which will include predictions and astrological projections for the upcoming year. In their third program together, International Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher... more

How to use spiritual teachings and astrology to improve your daily life. Join Johanna Carroll (International intuitive, spiritual teacher and author), and Barbara Alexander (expert astrologer and teacher) for this highly personalized session... more

In this monumental 3rd quater edition, ITM will talk with Catherine Wake and Josef Mukasa (tour coodinators and chapparones for "The African Children's Choir"). The choir is composed of children, ages 7 to 12 from several African... more

Forms of Things to Come is co-hosted by Johanna Carroll ( , international spiritual intuitive and Barbara Alexander (, astrology expert and instructor. Moderated... more

Inside The MUsic @ CLN returns! In this 2nd quarter edition, we'll be talking with one of our staff favorites who is none-other than Remi Orts of The Remi Orts Project. Remi will be joined by his ace collaborator, singer song-writer Bianca... more

In this series premiere broadcast, we will be interviewing one our station favorites Mr. David Lanz! GRAMMY NOMINATED PIANIST DAVID LANZ is a contemporary instrumental legend whose deeply-felt compositions helped forge... more
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