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Real with Rusthoven

Let's Get Real!


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This is a show where we will not hold back about what we are feeling in regards to politics, entertainment, and any other topic!

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This should be an interesting show, so please call in and give your input, thank you! Remember, as your host, I do not judge your opinions!

Call into the show with whatever is on your mind! You can talk about politics, entertainment, government, corruption, travel, and anything else you might want to vent about! Let's chat!!!

After watching episodes of Datline Mysteries, I came upon an episode entiteled 'The Blue Mustang.' This episode tells a story of a man who was convicted of murder without ever having found any physical or DNA evidence to link this... more

Let's play fantasy here! We all like to dream, right? Well, let's dream together! Call into todays show and tell us about which cities you might fantasize about living in if you had a lot of resources to live well! Will hopefully here from all of you!

The holidays can be stressful? How do you cope? What techniques can you share with our listeners to help us all? Thank you for listening and calling!

We all have at least one memory of a holiday that was memorable through the years. What's yours? This will be a fun episode!

Let's have a respectful discussion on sex and gender as it pertains to effeminate males in today's society. Effeminate males, are they treated differently in the area of employment, making friends, and even finding love? What say you! I, Mr.... more

With all of the rhetoric coming from religions concerning politics, is it time the United States put a tax on their earnings? Please call into the show and let Mr. Rusthoven know how you feel on this heated question!

We'll be discussing this very controversial issue with you, the callers. In light of the Brown case and New York choke hold incident, this should be an interesting show.This topic is heated and widely debated, so let's please keep comments... more

Call in or listen to 'Real with Rusthoven!' We will be just taking calls for a half hour on your comments about today's government shutdown. Tell us what this shutdown will mean to you! Or just call in with comments and or sugestions on... more