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This is a show where we will not hold back about what we are feeling in regards to politics, entertainment, and any other topic!

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Call in or listen to 'Real with Rusthoven!' We will be just taking calls for a half hour on your comments about today's government shutdown. Tell us what this shutdown will mean to you! Or just call in with comments and or sugestions on... more

Please feel free to call in and give our show your take on this very important issue, thank you! As your host, Clinton Rusthoven, I am non-judgemental. I will not interrupt you one bit! Hope to hear from you all!

Whether you live in Las Vegas or have just visited, what's your favorite thing about Las Vegas? This will be an open ended half hour about your favorite Vegas moments and or experiences.

Call in and discuss any current topic going on locally in your town and or state. You want to vent about a national event? Go ahead! We will make this a lively half hour segment, but we can't do it without your calls, thank you!

From articles to criminal charges claiming improper pushing of PHARMA's 'off label' drugs onto children in the past, should big PHARMA be allowed to be corporate sponsors of non-profits that oversee and care for foster care children... more

Employment discrimination is very real in the United States and all over the world. I would love to hear your stories, in general, and you don't have to be specific or name companies. This will be an open forum to discuss and let some steam off... more

As the military is the United States' biggest expenditure, is it time to reduce military spending at a time when we can't even afford to fund food stamps (SNAP) benefits? I, Mr. Rusthoven, will be your host and will remain impartial and only... more

We will be discussing the pros and cons of reducing the nations' food stamp (SNAP) benefits program. This program is non-judgemental and open ended regarding this topic. Mr. Rusthoven, the host, feels that all listeners and callers... more

After a Texas judged warned of a possible Civil War in the United States if Barack Obama won re-election, there became this fascination in my mind on whether average Americans would actually pick up arms and fight fellow... more

Human sexuality is complex and a field of study that is under funded. Our goal is just to open up the phone lines and get all of your opinions on this topic. You can discuss anything you want about human sexuality on this half hour radio... more