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Clef Hangers

Clef Hangers: Hangin' with Henry


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Clef Hangers is on hiatus until further notice!In the mean time check out our truly eclectic choices in writes and musics in our Archives! See you folks soon! Luff from HankThere is no dress code here, however, we do require that you wear respect and courtesy when you are in our chat. We will not tolerate any negativity whatsoever. If it's drama you're looking for, try myspace. Thank you. Radio show propaganda! Come support the musicianslyricistswriters that surround you or are you! Come hang with Henry, connoisseur of musically-enhanced and -induced writing! Have your own music? Or Poetry MP3's Send it to Henry at henry@saheistand.com and you (yes, YOU, sir!) could very well possibly be on the radio! How's that for fantastic?Friend of the show? The elusive fan? Become our walking billboard at our Online Store! Clef Hangers is a proud member of the Cult Vault, a revolution of expression!

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Save your last dance for Henry. As she prepares herself for a whirlwind career as a freshman in college, Clef Hangers will be on hiatus until life settles down to the bottom of the glass once more. But not tonight! Call that infamous number once... more
Clef Hangers

Tuesday's Coming. Did You Bring Your Coat?

  • by Clef Hangers
Ello, Hangers! The show that gave you a the inexplicable urge for some funky funky accordion-acoustic-singer-songwriter jams ends tonight at 9PM. At least for a little while. (Henry's going to college, folks!) It won't be easy to break the... more

Wanted more? Again, join Henry and her Hangers of Chat for anothuh hour of bloopin' good times! Call 646-595-3841 for your own decided duration of fame! You read the poem, the short story! It's so easy! All together now!

The times, they are ah-changin'. As Henry prepares for her big move college bound, call in and read to 'er that is Henry your writings as a kid growin' up in a reclusive wo'ld. Woe-B-Gone! The numba's 646-595-3841! Spill it.

Celebrate the first with a good dosage of Henrium. Writing and music is your fancy and you'll find it here! Of all places! Call in and read to y'heart's content! The number is always 646-595-3841! Reinvent composure!
Clef Hangers

Clef Hangers Continues July 1st!

  • by Clef Hangers
DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL. BUTTON. YOUR MAN OR LADY BITS. Clef Hangers continues Tuesday, July 1st! Henry is on the move from Pittsburgh to the Harrisburg vicinity prepping for the college experience! Just one day to miss for... more

Tuesday. It's so cool. And you are too. Join in on the musical-writical menagerie this Tuesday night with Kodai and Henry, connoisseurs of the word! The number is 646-595-3841. This is your chance, bub.

Come now and listen to tunes, call in and read us your poetry, the mic is yours!

Tuesday! Again! We chuck out the crazy jams and you do what comes naturally. Call in Tuesday night at 646-595-3841! We miss ya! It's been too long!