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The Shift of Consciousness is gaining momentum and the changes are happening quickly for many. It appears that things are getting very chaotic, yet it is simply all of the old 'stuff' coming up to be 'Shifted' and released. Join us as we discuss... more

The Shift of Consciousness is happening and everything is rapidly changing! What's changing in your world? What are you noticing? What are you experiencing? Why does the world seem so CRAZY and CHAOTIC? Are we on... more

'Competition'...what is it, really...and what else is now possible? We've all been raised within a society that glorifies competition in all its forms: from 'survival of the fittest' to 'Survivor' and everything in between. Whether we're talking about... more

We are in the midst of a massive Shift of Consciousness upon our planet. Consciousness is changing, the Earth is changing and WE are changing. This means that our relationships are changing, too! We are moving into a New... more

The Shift is happening...Consciousness is changing and the Earth is ascending into a new dimensional realm. What does this mean? What does this mean for humanity? What does this mean for the planet? What do we mean by 'The New... more

What happens when those old patterns you thought you had already cleared suddenly show up agian? Why are they back? What do you do? How can you clear them once and for all? Tune in today with Michelle Gee, Meryl... more

Bursting all of the containers of beliefs we've used to limit ourselves! What beliefs have we bought into that are now limiting us? Can we really release our beliefs? Can it be as easy as throwing them into the fire? Can we really become... more

Time. Linear time. Circular time. Present time. NOW. What is the true nature of time? And how is it changing? Is it changing? Is it flexible? Bendable? Can we jump timelines? As the Shift of Consciousness progresses, we being to realize... more

DISTORTIONS are the things that 'distort' our lives...fear, lack, shame, guilt, anxiety, illness...anything that keeps us from LIVING un-limited! Where did these distortions come from and how can we get rid of them? Once we have a clear... more

What does everyday life look like here? How does life change when we begin to operate from our HEARTS rather than from our 'thinkers'? What is Love in the higher dimensions? How is Love different outside of the conditionality of the 3rd... more