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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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Welcome.WITHOUT DONATIONS THIS IS THE LAST WEEK of my daily broadcasts. We will hear from one of the men I most admired through my career, "Eustace Mullins", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq0_n7ZBX_ca a man who has been persecuted as much as any patriot, a man who was responsible for  rescuing Exra Pound after the War, a feat I tried to emmulate with him before Eustace died. I have two wonderful sons that, after my so-called "Accident" I wrongly accused them and their mother, in my book of listening to doctors rather than me.They nor the doctors knew the extent of the powers and the money arrayed against us. You may be aware of the story of the two agents who came into my hostpital taking credit for drugging me, saying they were CIA and didn't like me publishing "Thunder Riders Magazine".  I was confused. "The Free American is the one I expose you Spook Types in" The reason was my sons had kept Thunder Riders running while I was drugged for  3 months  so we still had an income and a business.I should have gone fishing and let my sons run it but ego got in my way. Guess I ran them off and I was no match for the Communists who still have a firm grip on the American people. Just look at the elections that have ensued since my career began I exposed the Bush drug cartel and his employee, Bill Clinton. Today, we are still seeing Bush and Clinton dominating the controlled airwaves. I have callers, like the one I call Scumley trying to expose me as a Jew or liar, this is perhaps the most stupid men I have ever talked with on a radio show but he is typical of brainwashed, programmed Americans, a fact that was confirmed this morning reading one blog trying to convince you Trump is stupid in the clumsiest, most profane and ridiculous way, It fanned the flames of my decision to give up this show by renewing my question of "Who are we doing this for? Who are we trying to save?