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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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My Guest today is:Keith Broaders Constitution Club
Citizen Who?
       Ok, so what are we talking about? The Constitution and your Citizenship status, that’s what we’re talking about. They have at least one thing in common. That is that you currently have no information on either one. There’s a reason you don’t know; they don’t want you to know. Who is “they”? The Corporate United States and its fraudulent representatives, that’s who “they” is. Even “they” know who “they” is. And “they” have declared war on US!
      They’ve dumbed us down, locked us up and taken away our rights behind our back under the guise of “National Emergency” by “the Death of a thousand slices”; began before many of us were born.  For the last hundred years “they” have worked their way into our institutions. They have intentionally inserted themselves into education, media, law and even the church via the IRS. They have trapped all Citizens of today in a web of deception so deep they’ll need Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. They’ve got the very Citizens themselves instituting the rules and carrying out their own demise. They have dictated to us for a hundred years and under “National Emergency” for the last eighty.
      The bottom line is that we have been, are being, and will continue to be; DUPED if we don’t wake up. We are fools if we refuse to see the truth. The United States is not the united states of America. One is a corporation, the other one is a gathering of Sovereign Citizens.
     It’s about your Citizenship.

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