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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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Clayton Douglas   Please give me a few minutes of your time, Human Being to Human Being, for we are all in peril.    I recognize that to many, if not most of the world The United States of America is seen as a tyrannical and moral-less Nation. How can I argue against that? I cannot; for it is unfortunately a truth.  Those who have control of this once Great Nation have turned a beautiful and bountiful Republic, the very envy of the world for its liberty of the individual and government constrained, to its proper, limited role in the lives of its people, into an oppressive emerging police state and the greatest threat to peace the world has ever seen.
     For this, we the American people are responsible, and will doubtless soon pay dearly, just as every people of a Republic turned empire and Tyranny has.
     Our astonishing comforts; born of individual liberty, responsibility and morality have given way to apathy, ignorance and a sense of entitlement.
    Encouraged by socially destructive social programs, corrupt schools, media and entertainment industries we Americans by vast majority have become lazy, selfish, obese and ignorant.
   We are a war weary people with an economy on the verge of collapse, the breadlines of the past are being hidden by direct payments from a government desperate to keep the illusion of normalcy; but very much aware that the course has nearly run out.
History teaches that when governments cause the collapse of the Nation’s economy through corruption and greed; they use war as a shield and a distraction; and those who see through this illusion are labeled un-patriotic, subversives, or even as today, potential terrorists.