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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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My Guest today is: David Snieckus
Slow Money Principles: Food and Money
 We can conclude that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience! From a Macrobiotic Perspective, everything comes from infinity and EVERTHING is energy.
   Food is energy that feeds our bodies. Money is energy in the form of a means of exchange. It was actually first invented as an accounting of food, i.e. bushels of grain.
   A Presentation on the relationship between food and money, the reality of the current banking and monetary systems, and an exploration of the possibilities for a just and sustainable abundance with community created credit and a participatory, sociocratic decision making process."

Everything is energy
Food is energy - Money is energy
How food is to our bodies as money is to our societies!
The Value and Benefit of this show is that when finished you will know that:
With the understanding of Food and Money,
we can take control of and HAVE POWER
over our health and wealth!

WE PROPOSE An Act Declaring a 10-year Moratorium of Unsecured Debts Owed to Various Financial Institutions by the Homeowners of Massachusetts This Act may be cited as, “The Jubilee Act of 2014 - An immediate moratorium for ten years on foreclosures of any mortgages that are, or ever were, registered at MERS, (Mortgage Electronic Registry Service). And an immediate re-instatement of home-owners to their foreclosed homes initiated by the illegal MERS “power of sale” provision in the mortgage…not mentioned in the mortgage note.  Many homeowners of various income levels have been struggling under the burden of debts for many years without realizing the flaw in the system itself and the deception created at closing.

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