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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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My Guest today is:10 John Kaminski
The latest strategy of the corrupt U.S. establishment's war on freedom of speech has been defined. CNN, the Jewish network, deployed its star homosexual anchorman, ex-CIA spook Anderson Cooper, to introduce one of its many shill flunkies to declare that "Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential 'Suicide Warriors' and Are Mentally Disturbed". http://www.youtube.com /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yXuLZyvQi_M
Desperate media network foments war on truth tellers
In non-media reality, it is CNN and the U.S. government who are mentally disturbed, not to mention pathological liars and psychotic killers.
the Jewish bankers utterly and ruthlessly control U.S. politics and finance. Avlon, it should be noted, was a former speechwriter for corrupt former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani, a principal co-conspirator in the 9/11 coverup. Spewing such freighted labels as "frightwing politics" and the "hatriot movement", Avlon described the focus of their venom as a "real wakeup call for all Americans". It is warmongering crap like this blatant Jewish BS that CNN has lost almost half their viewers in a single year. The people who are being savaged and defamed in this CNN are the very people who are trying to reclaim America from the Jewish monster that has twisted history for more than a century, the Jewish bankers who have stolen all of our money, poisoned our food supply, turned doctors into drug peddlers and teachers into brainless automatons spouting false history. Every American needs to understand that the entire national press is controlled, and is simply giving you the "news" you are supposed to have.   Please go to http://freeamerican.com and www.shop.freeamerican.com to order my books and the new Free American Magazines.