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Are you feeling like the weight of the world is getting the best of you? Have you finally come to the point in your life where you feel that it's time to make some changes? You've come to the right place! Allow me to welcome you to my show Relationships Workshop with your host, Clarity! The concept of our show is simple. We focus on all facets of relationships as well as our abilities to relate to all aspects of our lives i.e, feelings, thoughts, emotions as well as our actions. Our show aims to teach one another to not only use all of our senses in order to understand what is going on in our lives but also how to step into the shoes of the other person to understand their perspective. It is just a way for all of us to learn how to react to life's many challenges. Our hope is that we not only entertain you but also stimulate your mind by provoking your thoughts and promoting self-awareness, self-discovery and ultimately, self-worth. With each new show we will introduce a guest co-host which will allow us to view the perspectives of two collective minds each with their own questions and opinions. The final segment of our show is what I like to call "Armchair Therapy". This segment is based on the current topic and deals with how to self-remedy the problem at hand in hopes of finding or providing a solution. Don't forget that you are an important part of our show. Because of this, Clarity invites you, our valued listeners, to participate in our discussion via either phone or visit our chatroom! Also, I've recently authored my first book which is now available on Amazon.com! Please note: To purchase book from Amazon.com, under each show title and summary click "Relationships Some Assembly Required: Positive Batteries Included" to be taken to our Amazon book page!

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I know, it took us awhile but we are back! Yes that's right - to finish what we started on April 28th. We want to give all the listeners some more food for thought - when it comes to understanding the reasons people panic, even at just... more
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