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Kate Cobb

Clarity Coaching with Kate Cobb


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Do you want to get clear on your business goals? Ready to take it to the next level? If so this show if for YOU! For women entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are ready to step up and make changes in their lives. Building business, getting more clients, making more money, giving service, being happy! I have 25 years experience of running my own coaching and training business to share with you. I'm Director of Moving Forward YOUR Way.com working with women to raise our game and take our place in the world as leaders. FREE coaching session for you when you visit my website

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"Do you ever feel like giving up? That it is all too difficult and you can't go on? That it would just be easier to sit back and do nothing? We've all felt like that at one time or another but my message is that we can't allow ourselves to... more

Do you love your business but find it difficult switching off from work and creating enough time for yourself and the many other areas of your life? Running your own business can be enormously rewarding, but sometimes it can be a real struggle... more

We all know the importance of having customers; if we didn't, we wouldn't have a business! Does the customer always come first in your business? Is the customer always right? In this show we'll look at issues relating to customer service and... more

Do you ever listen to what you say to yourself? If you did, you would probably discover that you are much harder on yourself than anyone else is on you! In fact, the things you say to yourself, you wouldn't say to your worst enemy! We talk... more

What does it take to run a successful business? Do you need to be superwoman, do you need to get a team to help you, or do you need to be perfect in every way? My special guest on this show is coach, mentor and writer, Karen Williams... more

Are you always trying to juggle several things at once? Have you got more ideas than there are hours in the day? It's great to be innovative and creative but if we let ourselves get carried away then how much does this block our... more

Have you ever felt that your business was running away with you? that you couldn't quite keep on top of everything going on? that there were simply too many things to do and not enough time to do them in? On this show we'll look... more

Well, it shouldn't be! Work hard, yes, but never forget you have a life! You are there for your clients and customers when they need you but remember you also need time for yourself and for your family and friends. In this show we'll look at... more

We all deserve to be paid for the value we give to clients and customers through our work but why is money so important and why don't we have enough? What do we want money for? How can we bring more money into our lives? In this... more

As a woman entrepreneur you went into business for a reason. Was it to make money? To live your passion? To realise your dream? For many, what happens over time (and the stress of it all!) is that we forget why we wanted to set up our... more