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The all-encompassing Civil Alert! is a leading wholistic conduit for All Sincere Truthseekers & Obedient Beacons that Respect and Honor the Universal Supreme Creator and Humanity-at-Large. Civil Alert! assists in opening up the "Eye of Godding" by informative shows on Spirituality, Health, Global Indigenous / Moorish History (Including Undisclosed American History), Nationality Principles & Standards, Human Rights/Birth Rights / Divine Rights, Civics, Law, Health, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics. Everything that is essential for uplifting falling humanity. CONNECT with Civil Alert! to hear the road to discovery as their guests, listeners researchers and hosts bring forth news, melody, event info, public service announcements and topics that are informative, engaging and 3rd eye opening. We are indeed in the Age of Aquarius. Be sure you link up with us on Twitter @civilalertworld. Peace, tons of love and infinite wisdom in all of your endeavors and pursuits!

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TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT! Each Tuesday & Thursday from 9:30 PM TO 11:30PM EST for a dose of wholistic Moorish Science (Science =" to know"). History, Spirituality, Civics, Law, Health, Psychology, Economics. Everything... more
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TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT RADIO TONIGHT to hear a monologue of Rodd Class that was recorded for Lawless America. During this 1-hour segment, Rodd provides insight about the injustice and corruption that exists that harms the... more

TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT! as Bro. Richard El Bey (f/k/a Richard Jenkins) SPEAKS! About: The Ghost of Christmas Past His Lawful Victories Quashing of Matters Outside of Court Handling Media Mislabeling and Defamation The Real... more

TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT RISING 360! Tonight as Bro. Calvin K. Bey, GSNAMA Qazir comes forward to address The Common Ground Factors and the Most Frequently Asked Questions that brothers and sisters have upon becoming... more

TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT RISING 360! Tonight as Sis. Adama comes forward to address Being FOREVER YOUNG, Wholistic Health, Practical Self-Healing via use of "Actual" Mineral-rich Clays of the Earth, Concept Correction in regards... more

TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT TONIGHT for more mind opening and line opening. Bro. Robert and Bro. Chayil will be present for a full circle dialogue about: Law Myths Frequently Asked Questions News Update If you have questions that... more

TONIGHT ON CIVIL ALERT! ZODIACALLY SPEAKING... The Elder Bro. C. Freeman El (RIP)disucsses the metaphysically link between the Bible and the Zodiac. In this demonstration the Elder discusses: The Essence of Divine Time.... more

*INSTANT REPLAY!* TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT TONIGHT as we welcome Dr. Alim Bey He will be present to provide insight on the top misconceptions, myths and hidden history about: Tthe Moorish Divine & National Movement... more

Reach into Civil Alert to engage with the panelists, Adama Maweja (Healer/Raw-Foodist/Product Creator/Life Consultant/Radio Host), Taj Tarik Bey(Sheik/Author/Master Teacher/Scholar) and Amen El(Author/Clinical... more

Tune into Civil Alert tonight to hear about the Atlantean Hypthesis from Manley P. Hall. Points covered: • Migratory Symbols i.e. the Swatiska, Abraxis, Bow and Arrows, the Throwing Stick • Leo Viktor Frobenius theories in regards to the... more

TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT tonight as we welcome C.K. Wakil Bey, Qazir of the Great Seal National Association of Moorish Affairs. To discuss how the republics got REMOVED in Hawaii, Puertio Rico and the United States of America. We... more
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