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The all-encompassing Civil Alert! is a leading wholistic conduit for All Sincere Truthseekers & Obedient Beacons that Respect and Honor the Universal Supreme Creator and Humanity-at-Large. Civil Alert! assists in opening up the "Eye of Godding" by informative shows on Spirituality, Health, Global Indigenous / Moorish History (Including Undisclosed American History), Nationality Principles & Standards, Human Rights/Birth Rights / Divine Rights, Civics, Law, Health, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics. Everything that is essential for uplifting falling humanity. CONNECT with Civil Alert! to hear the road to discovery as their guests, listeners researchers and hosts bring forth news, melody, event info, public service announcements and topics that are informative, engaging and 3rd eye opening. We are indeed in the Age of Aquarius. Be sure you link up with us on Twitter @civilalertworld. Peace, tons of love and infinite wisdom in all of your endeavors and pursuits!

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TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT! Each Tuesday & Thursday from 9:30 PM TO 11:30PM EST for a dose of wholistic Moorish Science (Science =" to know"). History, Spirituality, Civics, Law, Health, Psychology, Economics. Everything... more
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TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT Tonight. Mr. Obang Metho of the Solidarity Movement for Ethiopia will be present to provide insight on Israel's decree to deport thousands of African's from Israel. Have your pen and paper ready. Civil Alert... more

TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT TONIGHT as we welcome Rahsmariah Bey of Rv Bey Publications and Researcher/Consul, Anaidah El. These astute scholars will be present to provide MoorLight on legal concepts, laws, procedures, and historical... more

TUNE IN tonight on Civil Alert Radio as we take one step back and 7 steps forward. Subject matter: History of the Sundry Free Moors Act of 1790 and to discuss, The Sundry Free Moors Act of 2012 a proposed bill drafted by Al... more

1933 • Eugenics Board of North Carolina 2012 • North Carolina Senate Denies Funds for Sterilization Victims TUNE IN TONIGHT to hear Harriet A. Washington as she provides an in-depth explaination on the history of eugenics... more

TUNE into Civil Alert on the night of Juneteenth - June 19th as we bring forth a new segment titled Ancestral Spotlights where we connect the spirit/memoir of historical figureheads with the present voice of their descendants. Tonight,... more

Reach into Civil Alert to engage with the panelists, Adama Maweja (Healer/Raw-Foodist/Product Creator/Life Consultant/Radio Host), Taj Tarik Bey(Sheik/Author/Master Teacher/Scholar) and Amen El(Author/Clinical... more

CONNECT into Civil Alert tonight, to gain more insight about the supreme law of the land, The Constitution ". Tonight, Brother Taj will bring forth preliminarires, intricacies and the basics... The roots of the Constitution? What it actually is?... more

Get in the wind with the Civil Alert Radio as we welcome Taj Tarik Bey (America) and Esther Stanford (United Kingdom). Subject Matters: Nationality, Status, Birthrights, Papal Bulls, Reparations and the dichotomy between the current... more

Could it really be that the 1990s burgeoning poetry movement was infiltrated and derailed? Tune into Civil Alert Radio to hear from Rudwaan, Poet/Author as he bears witness and discusses his new book; Endangered Speeches. Show Style:... more

Tune into Civil Alert Radio tonight as we welcome Debra Harris, entrepreneur, tru skool hip hop lover and founder of Hush Tours, the world's only company that conducts Hip Hop heritage tours that are actually led by pioneering celebrities.... more
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