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What is the Moorish National Republic? Squatting? Etc.

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TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT TONIGHT as the descendants of the first mothers and fathers of civilization "The True Jews" address the latest situation concerning Akba Re Bey, a Moorish National who is being held by Shelby County Public Servants for claiming an abandoned property. 

The True Jews will address the writers, journalists and reporters who are actively slandering the Moorish Nation by equating them to being sovereign citizens, paper terrorists, violent, anti-government, black separatists, etc.    

Most of the media members  are descendants of European colonial traitors and Moorish colonial traitors that stole lands in the Americas, enslaved other Europeans, Moors(True Jews), Turks, Indians (from India/Hindustan) etc.  From there, the descendants of the Europeans got amenisa about their nationality and started saying that the are Americans and during the Reconstruction period after the Civil War many agressively worked to bury the ancient history of the ancient Moors/Murrs/Moors/Maurs of  A'murr'ica/Mor'ica/Maur'ika/ Amerrica. " 

Other points to be addressed:   Who is really squatting Who?  Lets look at how it is documented that in the 1700s an area in Tennesee was known as "Moro District"/ "The Moorish District" .  Lets learn about the Tennesee Slave Codes and escheating practices that made enslavement and eminent domain by a foreigner legal.

Tennesee public servants and the writers, journalists and reporters are opening up a can of worms that can cause millions of  Moors to demand  remedy for human trafficking, birthright theft, slander, libel, theft by taking the land of their ancestors. 

Be sure to have your pen and paper ready!

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