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Part 2: Hidden Healing Technologies as Silent Weapons

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TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT RADIO as we continue our  Healthy Gnosis segment.  There exists health technologies that heal however, some of the technology is being used as silent weapons. Will Hawkins Jr., inventor/scientist, metaphysician will be present to provide more indepth detail
about scalers, LRAD (Long Range Acoustical Device), the nurophone, woodpecker signals and explain how the healing technologies have roots in "Ancient Egyptian Science" .

He will also explain the symptoms of being affected, historical/documented evidence of usage and remedy/proactive measures to deter the use of these silent weapons.

In the King Alfred Plan it does make mention of the use of silent weapons. Tune into see exactly what these "silent weapons" are...

About Will...
Will Hawkins Jr. Is a metaphysical scientist, inventor, lecturer, master of alternative medicine and founder of The Higher Science Research Institute -  in Houston, Texas.  http://higherscienceresearchinstitute.com

He has many inventions in the realm of vibrational medicine including the Intentionator PHI and a pocket sized scalar based bio-resonance device for making homeopathic remedies and broadcasting healing remedies and frequencies to distant patients.

Before the show, do 2 things.
Listen to Part 1: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/civilalertworld/2012/08/08/hidden-healing-technologies-being-used-as-silent-weapons
Grab a pen and a notebook and tell your family, friends and foes.

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