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Cleaning Out the Closet - Insight from Taj Tarik Bey

  Broadcast in History

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In this show, master teacher Taj Tarik Bey along with Hannibal Bey, Sabir Bey and invited guests will shine light about: 

  • The origins of the Moors Order of the Roundtable.
  • The Great Seal Association of Moorish Affairs.
  • Propaganda that positions the Moors as a radical terroristic sect.
  • The Nigger Industry: What it means to be labeled as Black, Negro, Colored, Indigenous or African-American in 2011. 
  • Chattel Brands: What are the origins of your last name? How did you get it? Should it be kept? 
  • Nationality and birthrights can't be bought or sold. It is transferred via your ancestor's bloodline. 
  • Are the Moors a new phenomena? 
  • Who were the Mound Builders? 
  • Is there any connection between the Mound Builders and the pyramid that is on the back of the dollar bill?
  • Nationality Card - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Why African-Americans haven't received reparations.
  • What you should know about laws, policies and ordinances on the local, state and federal level.
  • How to get active in political processes. Domestic and internationally. 
  • Emotionalism, classism and prejudice in the conscious community. 
  • Remedy. Practical Solutions. What you can do to reclaim your identity, families, children and communities. 

Tonight's style? Panel discussion with a bit of interviewing and an interactive Q&A. 

What to do before the show?

  • Get your notebook and pens ready.
  • Tell your family, friends, neighbors and foes to tune in.
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