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Shines the light on the Foundation and helps America remember Original Intent of the Founders.

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Go to and STAND with Tx SBOE Ken Mercer calling on the College Board to STOP the implementation of the new AP U.S. History Framework and Exam that will be coming into schools across our nation this Sept. Listen to Alice Linahan as she fights for America's children. If our history is changed then what will that do to future generation. How would you feel if the foundation that many died for you to be free were removed? Upset hopefully, but if you are a child and you never knew and you were raised not valuing those sacrifices--then you probably wouldn't care if somebody stole your country or your history? Would many children then grow up not as children in the land of opportunity but as children of missed opportunities and exceptionalism.. Sounds too preposterous but then in light of everything else going on around you today--not so impossible. Listen and learn and make a difference in defending your country and your children--while they are still yours...
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If you want to know true history and the Original Intent of the Founders for this nation and its Constitution--tune in every Monday. Be amazed at what these two historians will teach you so that you can share truths with friends and family to... more

Hear the latest in what is going on in Congress and the tea parties. Get involved as the problems are so big and too close to home that no truth and freedom loving American can afford to stand by and watch.

Hear perspective on current events at home and in the middle east. Are you ready for what's to come? Hear how...with Mr.Dan Fraley our student of Hebraic roots.

Hear an interview with Mrs. Annette Griswold that is sure to pick you up if you are down.The wisdom she's gained through the years is worth learning by all.

Hear some food for thought as to who we are fighting. Lack of knowledge is a tool for the enemy and unfortunately today's media is a medium for such a work that can destroy nations.

Hear our two great historians who love the foundation of this nation

Hear an interview to help parents gain an understanding at what is in store in our children's public education. How can you help your child if you are not informed. Hear and share--it is a must for their future is at stake

Hear an interview with Dr. Boudreaux who spent 29 years at the University of New Orleans in graduate education and research in the area of theoretical and inorganic chemistry and chemical physics. He retired Prof. Emeritus in 1991. He... more

Hear about the perils facing America and how can we solve them. The Founders had the key--will we find it again?

Hear the latest on what is going on in the culture war with one of this nation's best defenders--the Foundation for Moral Law.
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