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Shines the light on the Foundation and helps America remember Original Intent of the Founders.

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Hear an interview about a subject that should concern every American. The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next. A look at where did American education and where... more

Interview with Peyton Wolcott as she helps America see the inroad being made by Islam through charter schools in Texas. How can Islam impact America's education system--easy when people are too busy to think and when money... more

Hear an interview with Mr. Dan Fraley our teacher of Hebraic Roots and our Jewish friend, Luden in Israel on this very special day of humbling ourselves before Almighty God and may He hear our prayers. Hear what is going on at... more

Hear an interview with Mrs Annette Griswold who has had 30 years of studying bible prophecies and understand does it really matter to you?

Hear an interview with John Bernard on his meeting with Susan Collins of Maine and his perspectives on death of osama and the war on terror.

Hear an update on what happens after the crushing blow of tornadoes besiege a state. Also perspective on the capture of Osama bin laden.

Hear an interview about the devastation from the North Alabama tornadoes. Also hear perspectives from Dawn Wildman on what is going on in the halls of Congress and with the tea parties. We are part of a barn building and good... more

Hear perspectives from author, speaker-Don Simmons-who saw the light of truth about abortiono and has never been the same since. It set him free to see the dilemna as something not to be avoided but a cause to give his very best so... more

Hear an interview with Donna Garner about the Gulen Schools and the inroad to American education system that will raise dire problems for America's future. Hear her expose how America's state and federal government is being manipulated.... more

Hear an interview with Col John Eidsmoe and Ben Dupree of the Foundation For Moral Law on insights on things you should know to keep this the land of the free. Hear Col. John Eidsmoe tell us about madrassahs and the Gulen... more
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